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Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

For durable cable protection, heavy duty cable protectors are the way to go. Heavy duty cable covers are designed to protect hoses, cables and wires from extreme weights and external forces, mainly used in industrial and commercial environments. There are many different types of these covers and while the general functionality remains the same, it is important to look at the options in order to choose one compatible to your specific needs.

What you should be looking for when choosing heavy duty protectors

First, you will want to take a look at the material of the protector. Rubber, polyurethane and aluminum are the most common materials used to develop heavy duty cord protectors, thanks to their resilient make-up and ability to withstand tremendous weights. Rubber is a cost-efficient and reliable option that is commonly used for heavy duty cord covers, thanks to its weather-resistance and weight management. While still being strong, it has a more biodegradable and flexible make-up than any of the other materials. Polyurethane is another durable option; while pricier and less flexible than typical rubber, it has a higher abrasion resistance, better loading capacity and a greater hardness rating. Since it isn't as easily susceptible to the elements over time as rubber, it can be longer lasting, which can actually prove to be more cost efficient in the long-term. Aluminum holds the highest abrasion resistance of the three options.

Next, you will want to take a look at the structure of your heavy duty wire protector. What is it being used for? Does it need to lay as flat against the ground as possible or can it be fairly raised? Do you want a drop-over model to protect your cables or an open-top one? Whichever you choose, it should be able to fit the needs of your environment and still provide a dense and smooth surface for transport traffic. Regardless of which structure you need, all heavy duty hose covers can act as ramps for vehicles and pedestrians to travel across without disrupting or damaging the hoses, cables and wires underneath. These heavy duty cable ramps should also be wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant to the utmost standards.

When would I ever need to use heavy duty protectors?

So what sorts of incidences require the use of heavy duty hose protectors? Really, any incidence that involves hoses, cables and wires needing to be covered and protected from heavy weights. These occurrences can range anywhere from office designing to pavement engineering to large-scale festival infrastructure; in other words, heavy duty hose ramps can be useful virtually anywhere. Need all of your cords to be protected in a central area for an event? Try cross linked cable protection bridges - they provide customizable channels so you can make your cable protector as wide as needed. Need something durable enough for weighty vehicles at a construction site? Try a polyurethane heavy duty cable protector like the Linebacker 1 Channel, which comes in both open-top and drop-down structures and can withstand up to 11,700 pounds of pressure. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there is a quality unit for you.

These heavy duty floor cord covers with their rubber, polyurethane or aluminum construction will protect your cables from weight exceeding ten tons of weight. Simply put, they're pretty strong. Strong enough to handle your military, industrial, commercial or residential environment with tons of strength to spare. But don't mistake these cable covers for one dimensional products, they're also remarkably easy to use offering top hinged covers and drop over options. All options also act as cable ramps allowing car, truck or pedestrian traffic to proceed smoothly and safely overtop your cables.

These Heavy Duty Cable Protectors and designed to be used in the industrial and commercial environments to protect wires and cables. These high quality cable protectors are available in various types of materials; rubber, polyurethane, durathane and aluminum, designed and manufacured to fit your specific requirement. Types vary from drop-overs, open top and ADA compliant.


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