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To Our International Customers


At Cable Ties And More, we are excited and pleased to offer our international customers the highest quality service and products. Cable management, Safety & Electrical Supply is our business and we look forward to helping you solve your needs. Members of Our international Sales Staff speak French, Russian, Italian, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Farsi, Hindi, Tagalog. If We cannot verbally satisfy you then please use google translate and fill out our Contact Us form and we will be sure to respond in your preferred language in a timely manner.

Feel Free to contact us by phone at 1-877-284-7760 or by using the contact us form

International Shipping FAQs
Order or Call Number: 1-877-284-7760
Skype: cabletiesandmore

Q) Do you ship internationally?
A) Yes, Cable Ties And More is pleased to ship to hundreds of countries worldwide.

Q) How are the shipping rates and how long does the delivery take?
A) Our shipping rates and delivery time are very individual.
We would be happy to calculate the freight and estimate shipping dates for you.

Q) Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?
A) After processing the order we send an email with your tracking number.

Q) What payments does Cable Ties And More accept for International orders?
A) We accept Paypal and credit cards.

Q) Can I become a distributor for Cable Ties And More?
A) Yes, we are currently looking for distributors.

Q) Will I still have to pay duties on my package?
A) Yes, duties are not included in our pricing. All importation charges will be paid by you.