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Spiral Wrap Tubing

Organize & Protect Wire Harnesses 1/8" to 4" Diameter

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Spiral Cable Wrap Tubing

In industries such as mining, oil & gas or construction, the wear facing wires, hoses and tubing is a bit more severe than the stresses my lighting and camera cables see. All is fair, but that being said a more tame use doesn't mean my cords don't get their share of dings and dents from abrasion, or even more likely, cause damage to components from poor organization. Whether on my small scale task or in billion-dollar industries, a breakdown due to battered wires or hoses means losing time and money (as I've been luridly told, time is money). While we carry many cable protecting items, an application where harnessing takes place on large scale machinery is an ideal site for letting spiral wrap tubing do what it does best; contain, insulate and protect contents. Spiral cable wrap is one of my favorite cable management products, not because of the colors (5 shades to select from) or their resemblance to an ancestral slinky, but because of how straightforward it is to install. Made of polyethylene, this expandable spiral wire wrap tubing has a gap coiling down the length, through which you insert the ends of your application. Twist the spiral cable wrap, and contents spiral into it through the gap, becoming securely insulated. Should there ever be maintenance or additions to the contents, the wrap can be removed as easily as it was applied, and repeated flexing will not compromise strength. Since the spirals are compact-able and expand significantly, you can actually control the way it works with your cables. By increasing the width of the gap, lines will be more flexible and can turn sharp bends. With that gap tighter there will be less mobility, but awesome abrasion resistance, insulation, and rigidity. You can select from a wide range of bundle diameters, 1/16" to a 7" bundle, and you can get to your spiral wrap cable sleeving in snow or blazing sun, as the operating temperature range is -103℉ to 215℉. Again, breaking from applications like my student-budget video equipment (hey, I might as well protect what I've got) to large-scale uses, the gap allows for break-outs, perfect for use on long runs where many leads are needed. When all is said and done, you can secure the ends of the spiral cable wrap with zip ties if you want extra security, and all concern for the industrious cables, hoses, and wires should be placed far from your mind. Also available is our Pro-Tec-To Wrap, extremely similar to Spiral cable Wrap, which is made in the USA and comes with more bulk spool options.