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Shop By Length - Cable Tray

Electro Zinc-Plated Galvanized Steel - Variety Of Length

Additional Information

Introducing Kable Kontrol’s Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh Cable Management Cable Trays – the professional solution for all your building's wire management needs. Our versatile cable tray system is designed to cater to both standard and budget-friendly requirements, available in widths of 4", 6", 8", and 12", with depths of 2” & 4”, and a convenient length of 10' (3m). For those requiring a wider option, our 24" width cable trays come with a depth of 6" at 5' long, providing flexibility to suit diverse applications.

Key Features:

  • Construction and Dimensions:

    • Material: Crafted from high-quality Galvanized Steel for durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Mesh Design: Facilitates optimal ventilation and easy cable identification.
    • Versatile Sizing: Choose from 4", 6", 8", 12" widths, and 2” & 4” depths to accommodate various cable sizes.
    • Length: Standard 10' (3m) length for easy installation. 24" width trays come in a 5' length.
  • Industrial-Grade Design:

    • Tailored for Industrial Environments: Specifically engineered to meet the demands of industrial settings.
    • Heavy Machinery: Ideal for managing cables amidst heavy machinery, reducing accidents and downtime.
    • High-Voltage Compatibility: Ensures safe organization and routing of cables in high-voltage environments.
    • Electronics Protection: Shields sensitive electronic equipment by organizing and protecting cables.
  • Versatility Across Applications:

    • Manufacturing Plants: Essential for organizing cables in machinery-intensive environments, enhancing efficiency and safety.
    • Data Centers and Server Rooms: Crucial for managing the extensive cables associated with servers, routers, and other equipment, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Shop By Length:

    • Explore our cable trays based on your specific length requirements, with options including 5 Foot and 10 Foot lengths.
  • Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness:

    • Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh environments and heavy use.
    • Long-lasting Solution: Ensures a reliable cable management solution for improved productivity, safety, and performance.
    • Cost-Effective: Provides an economical choice without compromising on quality.

Upgrade your cable management with Kable Kontrol Cable Trays – the trusted choice for reliability, cost-effectiveness, and industrial-grade performance. Shop by length to find the perfect fit for your specific needs and enjoy improved productivity, safety, and performance in any industrial setting.