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Wheel Chocks

Safely & Securely Prevent Vehicle & Aircraft from Rolling Or Damage

Additional Information

Wheel Chocks for trucks and utility vehicles are designed to ensure a safe working environment while vehicles are at rest. Whether you need chocks for a 400-ton haul truck or a small utility vehicle, we offer wheel chocks in the industry for a wide range of applications.

All Wheel Chocks we sell have been engineered to ensure compliance with safety regulations in a variety of industries. Each line of chocks has been product tested in independent laboratories to certify that every model meets the intended design specifications and to ensure that chocks prevent all non-motorized and unintended vehicle movement. all-weather polyurethane Wheel chocks feature are constructed to be resistant to tears, oils, and solvents. Polyurethane chocks are lightweight and easier to transport than rubber, steel or aluminum products. High-visibility colors alert drivers to the presence of chocks and are available for most models. Wheel Chocks are designed to meet MSHA, OSHA, SAE, NFPA, and DOT compliance standards. The recessed handles make these chocks easier to transport than other products, and most wheel chock models incorporate mounting brackets for convenient placement.Wheel Chocks are designed for use in a variety of applications including mining and gas, military, and other industrial environments.