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Everyone wants to get off on the right foot. But you need to get into some shoes first. 

More than 53,000 workers miss work every year because of a foot injury. Slips and falls cost companies almost one trillion dollars from lost productivity and damaged goods. 

Every company knows that safety gear is essential. Yet many employers neglect the importance of work boots and safety shoes. 

Get the facts you need and start protecting your employees today. Here is why work boots are so important. 

The Many Types of Foot Injuries

You can injure your foot doing any kind of work. A piece of equipment can crush your foot, breaking your toes and slicing the skin. You can step on a nail or a piece of glass.

The most common foot injury is a sprain. Standing upright for a long period of time will pull muscles in the ankle and foot. Wearing shoes with padding and steel toes provides a structure that avoids muscle strains. 

Many electricians wear rubber gloves, but not rubber boots. This opens them to a shock, especially after they step in a puddle. 

Chemicals and molten metal can spill onto feet. A chemical burn requires immediate intervention, yet workers may not notice a burn until hours after exposure. Wearing work boots prevents burns and reduces the threat of delayed exposure. 

The Many Ways to Slip

Workers need traction and balance. Many workers trip over floor mats that employers install to avoid muscle strain. Replacing mats with cushioned safety shoes avoids this hazard. 

If you work in an environment with wet surfaces, you will see your employees slip. Work boots with anti-vibration soles grip wet surfaces and prevent falls.

Uneven flooring can throw off a worker's balance, even when the surface is dry. Shoes allow a worker's feet to roll and cling to uneven surfaces. 

The Many Options for Work Boots

Safety boots come in a variety of shapes, materials, and colors. You can choose boots that match your marketing material. This reminds customers of your brand, associating your company with safety. 

Steel toed boots are the most common type of protective shoes. They contain steel toecaps and midsoles to protect the feet from falling objects. 

But don't limit yourself to steel toe shoes. You can buy safety shoes that contain cushioned midsoles and rubber outsoles. These materials resist high temperatures, perfect for most industrial environments. 

Protect Your Workers With the Best Safety Shoes

Don't let falls tear your productivity down. Buy work boots that protect your workers and prevent accidents. 

Many workers become injured when objects fall on their feet. They can step on a sharp object or burn and shock themselves. Work boots protect from falling objects and keep substances off the skin. 

Many workers fall down. Work boots provide traction with cushions and anti-vibration tools. Pick work boots that fit your brand as an added promotional effort. 

Your workers deserve the best, so go to the providers of the best. We have years of experience in selling premium work shoes. Contact us today.