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Velcro® & Hook Loop Tape Fasteners

Reusable Fabric & Velcro® Cable Ties |Multiple Colors & Styles

Additional Information

VELCRO® Brand as you know, is the brand name when it comes to hook and loop cable straps , however, there are numerous different makes, types, styles, colors, and lengths of both brand names VELCRO® Brand products and competitors products. Standard hook and loop VELCRO® Brand cable ties can be used in countless bundling or hanging applications when it comes to cable management. Standard hook and loops VELCRO® Brand ties are available in 5 colors. Standard hook & loop tape is another option for bundling or hanging, however, it comes in rolls to allow for custom cutting of lengths. VELCRO® Brand tie wrap straps are available in flame retardant, colored, and perforated options. Velcoins® adhesive hook and loop VELCRO® Brand coins are another option if your application requires keeping fixed objects in place.