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Barricades & Barriers

Variety Of Traffic & Crowd Control Safety Barriers

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Barricades & Barriers

Traffic barricades and crowd control barriers are essential for managing vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These are suitable for managing animal and human traffic and can be used as temporary or permanent solutions, depending on the requirement. 

There are two main categories of barricades and barriers - traffic barricades and crowd control barriers. Each type of traffic barricades and crowd control barriers serve a different purpose; take, for example, Traffic safety barricades, which are used in construction, roadwork, or industrial environments. Alternatively, crowd control safety barriers are useful for cordoning off a specific site or keeping pedestrians in or out of designated areas. 

Different types of traffic and crowd control barriers and barricades are used to control different situations. For example, for airports, emergencies, and construction sites, plastic barricades are extremely useful as they feature reflective striping or standard safety coloring for increased visibility. Their plastic body ensures that these portable fence barriers are weather-resistant and do not succumb to corrosion or rust. Other traffic safety barriers include water and sand fillable barriers and folding barricade signs. Similarly, our range of steel barricades and perimeter fencing allow for effective crowd control and can be used during protests or as event safety barricades. 

Product Types and Options

We offer a range of traffic control barricades and crowd control safety barriers. Within the two main categories, we have many options to meet all your vehicle and pedestrian traffic management needs. 

Within the first category, we offer several options such as water or sand-filled plastic jersey barriers, type I, II, III barricades, and A-frame barricades. These traffic barricades can be seen in almost every roadside construction site as they are specially designed to be visible in all conditions. Traffic barricades can be placed in different areas to mark locations where pedestrian or foot traffic is not allowed, such as roadside excavations. Made from plastic, metal, or a combination of both, these are usually lightweight and portable. Traffic control barricades also feature bright and reflective sheeting, which is designed to draw attention at night and even during the day.

Within the category of crowd control barriers, steel barricades, perimeter fencing, and partition barriers allow for effective management of foot traffic. These can be used to cordon off specific areas or keep the crowd within or outside the designated areas. As they are made of steel, they cannot be easily shifted or removed, which makes them an effective solution for controlling large crowds as well. Crowd control safety barriers can also be linked together with an inbuilt clasp, which allows for additional safety. For cordoning off large areas or crowds, steel perimeter fences can be used for effective crowd control. 

Where can they be used?

Our range of crowd and traffic safety barriers and barricades can be used in many places. For instance, type III barricades are typically placed on the road to block off individual sections during times of active construction. These feature reflective sheeting with orange and white stripes for increased visibility in all weather conditions. Similarly, water and sand fillable plastic jersey barriers are useful tools for additional protection in or around construction sites. When filled with water, they can weigh up to 1,800 pounds and are a more effective solution compared to wooden or plastic barriers. These traffic safety barriers also provide additional safety for vehicles as they can absorb a certain amount of energy if impacted.

Hence, our variety of traffic barricades and crowd control barriers can be used for managing vehicular traffic around active construction sites or for controlling large crowds and gatherings such as during protests. Traffic barricades and crowd control barriers, therefore, can be used in the following areas: 

  • Closing roads
  • Emergency situations
  • Roadside construction
  • Utility maintenance
  • Active construction sites
  • Festivals
  • Concert halls
  • On-going protests
  • Amusement parks
  • Stadiums
  • Special events


Benefits of Barricades & Barriers

Our traffic barricades and crowd control barriers are the primary safety equipment for ensuring effective crowd control and vehicular traffic management. What’s more, our range of type I, II, III traffic safety barriers can be customized according to your needs and requirements. If you want to have a company logo or name printed on the barrier for increased brand exposure or to prevent theft, we have a variety of customizable options for you to choose from. You can similarly turn your steel barrier into an attractive advertisement through customizable barrier jackets. The various benefits of traffic barricades and crowd control barriers are as follows:

  • Effective vehicular management and crowd control
  • Wide range of traffic and crowd safety equipment
  • Plastic barriers come with reflective sheeting for high visibility
  • Plastic barriers are weather resistant
  • Steel barriers are heavy to effectively cordon off specific areas
  • Steel barriers can be linked together with an inbuilt clasp
  • Increased durability