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Heat Guns

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A heat gun is a tool of many trades. I foolishly imagined that its uses regarded only the work of electricians and plumbers (not to diminish those excellent trades), because I clearly had not yet been enlightened to the fact that their application spans essentially every type of work, and overflows into a lot of fun and leisure activities. I now know that I need a heat gun, and in all honesty, you probably do too. From embossing and upholstering to bending PVC or leveling your homemade candles, this instrument defies categories, as far as usefulness.


We carry a range of heating tools, but for my Everyman purposes, the Heat Gun with Variable Control Dial is the way to go. Compact and lightweight, it won't weigh me down, and with a dial-controlled temperature, I can easily use it for specialized and varying tasks. After removing the dents from your bumper, you can drive your newly sleek car to a campground, and when the rain comes (because the rain always comes when camping) simply use the gun to attach tarps together for leak-proof coverage. The body of the gun is brightly colored, so it won't get mixed up with other tools and items, and the two-speed motor gives you even further control when switching tasks. Since safety is always first, and a heat gun would be a pretty terrorizing contraption if malfunctioning, the gun is UL and CSA listed, which provides me with some peace of mind. The temperatures on this bad boy can range from 250°F – 1100°F, giving us loads of room to accommodate the 750°F that it takes to roast coffee with one of these tools, before you get back to paint stripping or installing heat shrink tubing.  The gun is extremely easy to operate and store, and is also very inexpensive, letting you master dozens of tasks without denting the wallet


So the next time you need to shrink wrap a gift basket or weld some plastics, grad your handy heat gun, or check out some of ours. You won't run out of ways to use it.