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ATLAS® Low Profile Heavy Duty Cable Protector - 5 Channel

Lower gradient for easier crossing | Pedestrian & Vehicle Rated

ATLAS® Low Profile Heavy Duty Cable Protector - 5 Channel Features

  • Max Weight Capacity 25,000 Lbs Per Axle
  • Channel Dimensions 1.25” H x 1.25” W
  • Four Mounting Holes for More permanent Applications
  • Overall Dimensions: 36.625" long x 21.625" wide x 2.125" high
  • Commonly Used In Vehicle & Pedestrian High Traffic Applications
  • Highly Durable To Withstand Severe Weather & Temperatures from -40ºF to +130℉
  • Constructed From Highly Durable Industrial Grade Rubber Base & Polyurethane Lid
  • Highly Visible, Black Base & Safety Yellow Hinged lid
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Product Details

These Atlas® heavy duty rubber cable protectors made by Kable Kontrol®, are constructed from industrial grade rubber and designed for the protection of multiple valuable cables or hoses. These durable cable protector ramps will ensure that your wires and hoses do not become potential tripping hazards for any pedestrians that will be walking over them. The hinged lid allows for the easy top loading of cables. Furthermore, due to their rigid manufacturing process, these Atlas heavy duty cable protectors are commonly used both outdoors and indoors as well as in any in weather condition. The black base contrasted against the bright safety yellow lid makes these cable ramps highly visible to any nearby pedestrians, further lowering the possibility of pedestrian injury. These cable protector ramps can withstand 25,000 Lbs of vehicle drive-over weight per axle. Lastly, these cable protectors do not move around because of their natural weight. This cable cover weighs 36 lbs in total weight; therefore, when the cable protectors are ganged together on longer runs, absolutely no movement will occur. The recommended operating temperature range is -40º to +130℉. Atlas Heavy Duty Rubber cable covers are designed and manufactured according to the guidelines provided by MUTCD, OSHA, RoHS, REACH. For maximum functionality, the rubber cable protectors have been treated for temperature resistivity and UV-stabilization.

Features of Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Covers

  • The 5 channel rubber cable protector ramps have mounting holes for permanent installation.
  • All our heavy duty rubber cable covers have been manufactured using MUTCD-recommended bright yellow and black colors. Hi-visibility allows drivers and pedestrians to easily see the HD rubber cable protectors even at night time or in areas with low lighting.
  • The load-bearing capacity of our HD rubber cable protectors is comparatively higher. Our heavy duty rubber cable protectors have a load-bearing capacity of up to 25,000 lbs weight per axle.
  • Our Heavy duty rubber cable protectors have been uniquely designed to reduce the chances of slipping or tripping. The diamond tread design reduces the accumulation of slippery or inflammable liquids on the surface, thereby reducing the probability of damage to cables and cords.
  • They can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +130℉.
  • Each HD rubber cable cover has built-in connectors that connect the products with other rubber cable covers for extended coverage.

Benefits of Using HD Rubber Cable Protectors

  • Hd rubber cable protectors can protect your expensive cables, wires, and hoses and are equally useful for reducing cable maintenance costs. Heavy duty rubber cable covers minimize the chances of damage or breakage by protecting cables and cords against external pressure and extreme environmental conditions.
  • Heavy duty rubber cable protectors are manufactured with non-biodegradable material. These provide insulation against electric currents, which in turn reduces the chances of a hazard even if the cables are damaged or sparking occurs.
  • Heavy duty rubber cable covers do not allow fluids to accumulate on the surface. However, combustible liquids and materials should be removed as soon as possible. The HD rubber cable cover does not require daily maintenance. Weekly cleaning with mild cleaning products or soapy water is all that you need for maximizing the life of your rubber cable covers.

Applications and Areas of Use

  • Government and administrative buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Concerts, music shows, and roadshows
  • Convention centers
  • Amphitheaters
  • Indoor and outdoor industrial setting
  • Schools
  • Race tracks
  • Fairs and amusement parks
  • Dance halls and performance centers

Installation Guidelines

Installing heavy duty rubber cable protectors is a one-person job. Here are a few tips for installing these drive-over cable protectors:

  • Clean the placement area thoroughly and fill any holes or gaps in the surface. Remove any bumps to make the surface smooth, as you do not want the cable protectors to be uneven.
  • Connect the body and lid as recommended in the instruction manual. Get in touch with our representative for further information.
  • Keep the lid opened. Now, insert one cable, cord, or hose at a time. Make sure that each cable or hose is separated from the other. Do not overstock the channels of heavy duty rubber cable covers.
  • Place the most sensitive cables and cords towards the hinge side.
  • Finally, secure the lid with grip tape.

Product Specifications

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Cable Protector Type Max Weight Capacity Channel Height Channel Width Dimensions Material Item Weight Operating Temperature


cp9983 5 channel low profile cable protector with permanent installation holes

5 Channel Low Profile Cable Protector 25,000 Lbs Per Axle 1.25" Channel Height 1.25" Channel Width 37" Long Durable Industrial Grade Rubber Base & Polyurethane Lid 36 Lbs 40º F to 131º

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