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ADA Yellow Jacket Cable Protector

5 Channels - Low Gradient - 3 Color Optionns

Yellow Jacket ADA Ramps Features

  • Protects Cables & Hoses Up to 1.325”
  • ADA/DDA Accessibility Ramps Built In
  • Interconnects With Standard 5 Channel Yellow Jacket Protector
  • Dog Bone Connectors to Extend to Any Length
  • Reinforced Hinged Lid.
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Compatible With Standard Yellow Jacket 5 Channel Protector.

Product Details

YELLOW JACKET® 5-CHANNEL ADA CABLE PROTECTOR has built-in ADA accessibility ramps to provide a safe crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables and hose lines. Because the ramps are built-in, there is no need for separate connectors.
Another unique feature of this product is that it interconnects directly to a 5-channel standard ramp Yellow Jacket cable protector. This modular interlocking design is available in lightweight 18″ sections and it includes a recessed carrying handle on the underside of the protector. Ideal for use in amusement parks, entertainment venues, sporting events, and most public, commercial, industrial, construction, and utility applications.

Product Specifications

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Load Capacity Length Width Height Channel Width Channel Height Weight

10500 lb/Tire(4763 kg), 21000 lb/Axle (9526 kg)

18” (45.7cm) 50” (127.0cm) 1.87” (4.76cm) 1.339” (3.4cm) 1.325” (3.37cm) 21lbs (9.6kg)


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