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Yellow Jacket® Modular Cable Protector System (AMS)

Modular Sections Can be Added or Removed to Change Length or Width.

Yellow Jacket® (AMS) Cable Protector Features

  • Channel Dimensions: 1.10 H x 1.25” W
  • Modular sections can be added or removed to change length or width.
  • Handle an unlimited number of cables - just add more sections.
  • Adaptable, sides can fit flush against walls or interlock with another section.
  • Stable surface doesn't wobble, slip or slide.
  • Can Withstand Loads of up to 32,600 lbs per axle
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Easy to install & De-Construct
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Product Details

Yellow Jacket® AMS is an advanced modular system that is designed to change and grow with your cable management needs. This modular system allows you to protect anywhere an unlimited number of cables or hoses. Center sections can be added or removed to suit your changing needs. Each change expands or condenses the space needed for your cables.

Space is efficiently used with the Yellow Jacket AMS protectors. The straight edges provided by the center sections allow you to use less space for parallel cable runs. The sides will fit flush against a wall or interlock with another AMS section. This eliminates the spaces between the cord protectors that are usually created by other cord covers. The interlocking feature of each section can also be used to create a flat stable surface.

Multiple ramps may be combined to create ADA compatible ramps. The arched construction and tough Durathane (trademark) polyurethane make the Yellow Jacket AMS strong enough to bear just about any load.  This compatible ramp makes for ideal access with forklifts or small vehicles.

Product Specifications

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  Assembled 5 1.10" 1.25" 36" 22.50" 1.90" 28 lbs
  Center 5 1.10" 1.25" 36" 12" 1.90" 16 lbs
  Male End Ramp n/a n/a n/a 36" n/a 1.90" 6 lbs
  Female End Ramp n/a n/a n/a 36" n/a 1.90" 6 lbs

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