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Wall Cable Raceways

For the tech-savvy domestic dweller, there are few things as satisfying as putting up your home theater system. From mounting the flat screen in a perfect place to installing subtle lighting, all you're ready for now is some serious reclining and open-mouthed enjoyment. Of course, systems aren't just awesome for a cinematic experience while wearing a bathrobe; they look fantastic in any home. For this effect cables must be hidden, and in a basement or apartment, this is easier said than done. If your area has a concrete floor internal routing isn't available, and if a landlord isn't crazy about you knocking holes in the wall, options run low. Cords on a wall dropping from your flat screen or luridly lining a baseboard are glaring eye-catchers, endangering the entire kit and caboodle if something snags. A

wire cover or cable raceway

means quick installation without missing your favorite show, and while we carry options, you will want a wire raceway that integrates with your interior. Often audio/video cord management includes at least some baseboard action, and since they tie a room. together, you don't want an ugly appendage running along it. Enter our own

Smooth Mould Cable Cover

which can be placed directly onto a baseboard or along a wall using an adhesive strip. This means set-up is instant and tool-less, and with a hinged latching lid, placing cables within is hassle-free. The manageable 5' lengths can be cut, so a piece won't overwhelm the small space you may be working in. The matte surface is white, which can be painted without shine or glare. This is also my top pick because of the seamless look; corner elbows slide behind the profile rather than snap overtop meaning it appears uninterrupted, even at corners. We carry other covers for when routing through walls or under flooring is not an option.

Hinged Cable Raceway

is similar to Smooth Mould with its latching lid, ideal for easy insertion. Wall Cord Covers come in various lengths, heights and widths, so while the profile is separate from the base, you have greater options to suit your contents. For fancier rooms, an ideal selection will be RowlCrown Crown Molding Cord Cover, a distinguished, attractive cover which is highly decorative. Paintable and durable, these cable covers provide external wire organization, installing with full access to contents while attractively concealing. So don't settle for messy entertainment systems any longer, and slap down some raceway! The mess and clutter is banished, right along with the likelihood of tripping as you pause for a popcorn break.

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Wall Cable Raceways