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Smooth Mould® Cable Raceway - By Kable Kontrol™

Latching Cable Raceway - Channel Size 1.22" W x 0.5" H

Kable Kontrol Smooth Mould® Cable Raceway Features

  • Length: 5 Ft
  • Channel Size: (1.22" W x 0.5" H)
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: White
  • Subtle & Attractive 
  • Ideal for along baseboards & Walls 
  • Seamless white body complements decor
  • Self-Adhesive Backing Makes it Simple to Install.
  • UL 94 Tested & ISO Conforming.
  • UV Resistant
  • Hinged / Latching Lid For easy installation.
  • Can be Cut to Custom Lengths to Fit Any Unique Indoor Space

Kable Kontrol’s Smooth Mould® is ISO compliant and UL 94 rated. Providing electrical insulation and combustion resistance, our Smooth Mould Cable Cover is the safest and most attractive option for routing, concealing and protecting your indoor cable runs and drops. The white body can also be painted, allowing for an exact complement to your room.

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Product Details

With entertainment and speaker systems, extension cords, phone or internet lines, our interior spaces at home or in the workplace are forever filling with runs of wires. But the need to route wires through walls or to remove baseboards is gone forever with the slick, seamlessly fitting Smooth Mould Cable Covers, 5’ lengths of attractive base & profile that are long lasting yet will not discolor or crack with time and add aesthetic appeal to any room.

With the Smooth Mould® Cable Cover, you will effortlessly route wires and cables from phone or internet lines, sound systems, lighting and much more around corners and down drops, without leaving runs visible.

Exposed drops of wire leave a room appearing not only messy, but with an unfinished look. However, not only concealing, the Smooth Mould is unique from other covers as it features connecting accessories which will slide behind the profile rather than snap over-top. Snapping connectors often leave gaps and elevated areas, fracturing attractive appearances of covers. But the Smooth Mould appears seamless, sleekly concealing and protecting the cables within.

The 5’ body features a hinged, attractive dome profile, and is excellently impact resistant, so daily wear will not harm it. The hinge allows insertion of wires to be extremely easy, so even if you are installing runs with many cords or that are high up, you do no need to juggle a separate profile. The distinguished white body is inherently UV resistant, boasting color retention and resilience against pinking, so even in rooms with bright sunlit, there is no discoloring over time.


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