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Foam Crown Molding Wire Raceway

Available In 3 Different Heights & 6 Different Profile Styles

Foam Crown Molding Cable Raceway Features

  • Ideal For Concealing Cables & Wires, On Long Runs
  • Installs onto Any Surface.
  • Easy To Install, No Nails, Screws, Clips or Fasteners Required.
  • Paintable - Molding Surface Only Requires One Coat of Water Based Latex Paint

Foam crown molding cable raceways are smooth, high density, flat back foam crown moldings and we are the first and only crown molding with this design. Foam crown molding wire raceways cost less than wood crown moldings and polyurethane, urethane moldings. It is the most inexpensive decorative crown molding that you will find today. Customers achieve a professional look without the cost, mess, and headaches of wood or plastic crown molding installations

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ALL Foam Crown Molding Is Made To Order & Is Non-Cancellable / Non-Refundable

Product Details

The surface of the molding cable raceway features Skin Tec technology (a perfectly smooth surface) that makes painting a breeze. No primer is needed. Installs with painters caulk and cuts in most positions in most miter saws!

Product Specifications

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Wall and ceiling installation
When installing on a regular flat ceiling, just apply a bead of painters caulk about the size of a pencil on 
the top where the molding fits to the ceiling and a bead on the back bottom edge where it fits to the wall. 
Next, just press the molding firmly into the wall and ceiling. 
Then wipe off any extra caulk and you have installed and caulked your seams in one step. No nailing!

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