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GeoGrid Permeable Ground Stabilization Paver

Reinforces, Stabilizes, & Smooths Out Gravel, Soil and More

GeoGrid Permeable Driveway Paver Features

  • Provides Ground Reinforcement & Stablization
  • Unique patented design avoiding surface deformation in high temperatures
  • 100% recycled high density polyethylene
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Integrates Seamlessly Into Trails & Walkways Without Creating a Trip Hazard

GeoGrid cellular paving system enables the fast and efficient implementation of ground reinforcement and stabilization. GeoGrid’s unique patented design offers the combination of excellent cellular strength and weight load capability (up to 500 tons/meter sq.) whilst allowing for optimal expansion and contraction avoiding the risk of surface deformation in hot or cold climates. The cellular design of the grids allows the dispersion of excess rain or flood water which makes it ideal for integration with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and in areas prone to flooding or with water dispersion problems.

Geogrid Pavers can be in-filled with either aggregate and decorative stones to provide robust ground reinforcement. Alternatively, GeoGrid can be seeded with grass to provide an environmentally friendly and aesthetic option.

GeoGrid Standard is ideal for areas where the passage of pedestrians or light vehicles is required

  • Withstands weight loads up to 400 tons/m2 and point load weight of 25 tons.
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Product Details


Common Applications

The most common domestic applications we see these pervious pavers being used for are driveways and parking areas. There are lots of people who have summer vehicles such as a Winnebago or camper that is only parked by their property occasionally. Our grass driveway pavers can be used to provide a temporary parking area for these vehicles without paving over the whole lawn.

Create The Ideal Grass Driveway

There are many reasons why you may want to create a grass driveway. Maybe you have a hidden garage at the back of the yard but don’t want an ugly asphalt or concrete driveway running across your lawn. By using our grass driveway pavers you can create a hidden driveway that will not become muddy or ruin your lawn.

Having a grass driveway can not only improve the aesthetics of your property, it can have a variety of other benefits too. By using geogrid reinforcement you will be able to create a hard wearing grass driveway. The structural support provided by the plastic grids prevents vehicles sinking and improves traction. Ensuring the driveway can be accessed all year round.

The open underside of the grids also ensures that drainage is maintained. Having good drainage allowing water to flow into the natural water table is important to prevent flooding. If you want a green, environmentally friendly driveway then our porous paving system is the right choice.

Create The Perfect Gravel Parking Area

Gravel parking areas are visually impressive and can really make a property stand out. However, without the proper foundations, the gravel can ‘rut’ and become thin in some areas. This can give a patchy finish which is less than desirable. geogrid gravel grid can prevent this and can be used to stabilize the aggregate.

By using geogrid the gravel pavers aggregate will stay in place and not end up on the road, or on your lawn. You will also notice a slight reduction in the noise levels of vehicles driving over the gravel. By using a weed matting beneath the pavers you will also not have to deal with unwanted weeds.

Ideal for Trailer Parking Areas

A sturdy yet visually discreet hard standing to park a camper trailer or boat trailer on when they are not in use is easily produced with geogrid. They blend seamlessly into the rest of the lawn but have the structural integrity near that of concrete. Color.

Pathways & Patios

These plastic pavers can also be used to create gravel walkways and pathways through or across your property. The great drainage of this product means that the gravel remains fairly dry, even during rain making is great for creating an area of porous pavement between your home, garage, and other outbuildings. Patio areas can be created with gravel surfaces that are far more visually pleasing than concrete slabs. geogrid plastic paving will improve the drainage of your patio rather than cause more water run off.

Other Common Applications

  • Golf Cart Paths – Create neat roadways that will not become muddy in wet weather, all without ruining the visual appearance of the course.
  • Residential Parking Lots – It is important within cities that there is appropriate water drainage. These grids can be used to create residential parking areas with plenty of water drainage.
  • Overflow Parking Areas – Don’t ruin the visual appearance of your venue with ugly asphalt. By using geogrid you can provide a stable and clean grass surface parking area.
  • Permeable Pavement - These grids will ensure that rainwater can soak away even through the pavement in a natural manner.
  • Rooftop Gardens – Keep soil and gravel under control and prevent them running into drainage channels.
  • Fairground areas – Use this grid to provide structural support, and also prevent foot traffic from churning up the ground.
  • Water Runoff Management – When used in replacement of a concrete or tarmac parking area waste water will drain away quickly without causing flooding.
  • Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi - Surround your pool with these pavers to provide adequate drainage. You can use grass or gravel to infill depending on the appearance you want.

Product Specifications

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ExactPhoto ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
Height 1.5"
Length 19.5"
Per Pallet 216 Grid units (54 Pre-Connected Layers of 4 Grid units)
Per Unit 2.2 lbs. (1 Grid)
Color Black with UV stabalizers
Type 100% Recycled High Density Polyethylene
Customization Optional white or high-viz demarcation blocks can be fitted into grid cells indicating specific zones such as disabled parking bays and traffic flow directions


2.64 sq.ft per tile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Geogrid Environmentally Friendly?

Our grid systems are made from 100% recycled material they are also chemically inert. They will not react or leach chemicals into the ground. Should oil or a similar pollutant be spilled onto the grids, the aggregate can simply be removed and replaced.

When installed correctly the grids will improve drainage reducing surface water run-off. Surface water run-off is a big problem for cities and urban areas and leads to flooding as well as pollution in ponds, rivers, and lakes. Instead of water draining and filtering through the soil into underground reserves, it washes directly off into ponds and rivers via roads. Pollutants on the roads can end up in ponds and lakes poisoning the local wildlife.

Our grids are suitable for use as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System SUDS. By using these pavers in urban areas, you will be reducing the likelihood of flooding caused by stormwater runoff.