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Wire Trak Raceway On a Roll

Hinged Lid Raceway is Rolled In Box to Use Less Space

Wire Trak Race Way On a Roll Features

  • Self-adhesive backing makes it simple to install on a baseboard or wall.
  • Easy to Transport & Dispense at Job Site 
  • Hinged Lid On Raceway Allows for Easy Access to Cables & Wires 
  • Eliminates Waste: Use Only What is Needed 
  • Numerous Accessories Available
  • Made From UL Flame Resistant PVC 
  • Paint-able to Match Any Decor 
  • Available in 3 Different Sizes for Unique Accommodation

From a 20 inch dispenser box, you can simply pull up to 100 feet of completely formed raceway, instantly ready for use. No waste, as each time you use only what you need. Push the extra raceway back though the forming/recoil device and it recoils itself back in the box ready for next time. The Wire Trak Form Raceway integrated lid latches closed securely and may be opened and closed continually without degradation of the hinge.

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Raceway Completely Regains Proper Shape After Being Pulled From Box.

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Product Specifications

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375SR 10mm 0.39" 17mm 0.67" 13mm 0.51" 20mm 0.79" 13mm 0.51" 0.050" 0.500"
500SR 10mm 0.39" 23mm 0.91" 19mm 0.75" 25mm 0.95" 13mm 0.51" 0.050" 0.750"
1125SR 16mm 0.63" 36mm 1.42" 32mm 1.26" 38mm 1.50" 20mm 0.79" 0.050" 1.000"


Material Rimtec 4314A Natural Rigid PVC
Color White
Length 30" (per piece) [76,2cm]
Width 4.5" [11,4cm]
Thickness 0.5" [1,27cm]
Weight 2.31 lbs (1.06 kg)
Specific Gravity (± 0.02) 1.43 ASTM D-792
Hardness (durometer D/10 ± 2) 80 ASTM D-2240
Izod Impact, ft lbs/in notch 19.0 ASTM D-256
Tensile Yield Strength, 103 psi 6.0 ASTM D-638
Tensile Modulus, 105 psi 3.7 ASTM D-638
Flexural Yield Strength, 103 psi 11.4 ASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus, 105 psi 4.5 ASTM D-790
DTUL at 264 psi (18.5 kg/cm), ℃ Unannealed: 70 Annealed: 75 ASTM D-648

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