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Thermashield Flat Wrap

Aluminized Fiberglass Sheeting With a Full High Temp Adhesive Backing

Thermashield Flat Wrap Features

  • Entire Backside Has High Temp Adhesive 
  • Operating Temperature Range -76° to 392°F (-60° to 200°C.)
  • Insulates Delicate Wires and Components
  • Economical & Easy to Install 
  • Cuts Easily with Scissors
  • Reflects Radiant Heat
  • Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals
  • ROHS Compliant
  • 2,048°F / 1,120°C. Melt Temp

Thermashield Flat contains an entire side of high temperature adhesive Thermashield Flat is an aluminum laminated fiberglass sheet with a full coating of permanent, high temperature adhesive. This unique product applies directly to any clean surface and is an ideal solution for protecting delicate electronic component boxes mounted close to engines or other heat sources. When applied, the aluminum laminate reflects heat away, and the insulating fiberglass backing protects the fragile contents from thermal damage and failure.

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Note: Measurements Are Listed as Inside Diameter.

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Product Sizes

Size Part Number Wall Thickness Max Bulk Spool Shop Spool Lbs / 100'
1" TSN1.00SV .025" 250' 100' 1.60
1 1/2" TSN1.50SV .025" 250' 100' 2.00
2" TSN2.00SV .025" 250' 100' 2.75
3" TSN3.00SV .025" 250' 100' 4.30
4" TSN4.00SV .025" 250' 100' 5.60
5" TSN5.00SV .025" 200' 100' 7.60
6" TSN6.00SV .025" 100' 50' 9.20
6 7/8" TSN6.88SV .025" 100' 50' 10.900

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