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Roundit® 2000 Braided Sleeving

Abrasion Resistant Side Entry Wrap-Around Sleeving - Bentley Harris®

Roundit® 2000 Features

  • Self-wrapping side entry design makes installation and bundle maintainence easy.
  • Polyester mono and multi-filament construction prevents abrasion, cuts and chafing
  • Rated 125° C,
  • RoHS compliant
  • ISO 14001 & TS16949 certified
  • Heat treated to keep its original shape
  • Ideal for cables and lines that are already in place and difficult to remove or uninstall
  • Protects wires from spilled liquids and sharp edges
  • Gives any application an organized look without having to disrupt connectors or fittings on in-place installations
  • Rated For Tempurature up to 125° C
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Product Details

Roundit 2000 features a split wrap design that allows for easy insertion and removal of wires or bundles of cables. 

The ideal correspondence between both our Expandable Braided Sleeving and Split Wire Loom a.k.a. Corrugated Tubing. There is a division running down the length of the middle, allowing simple insertion and installation of wires and clusters of cables to take place. It is a highly durable and compact over sleeve, crafted to bundle, secure and defend cable assemblies, hoses, tubing and wire harnesses against wear, slicing, and abrasion.

Because this product is heat treated and will keep its original form intact, you will find cable ties are not necessary when securing a cable harnesses (although we recommend them in all situations involving long runs). Roundit 2000 is a highly cost effective labor solution when compared to utilizing regular spiral wrap, as it will be easily and endlessly reusable when adding or removing cables from your run. It makes cable maintenance easy and breezy. The self-wrapping feature of Roundit 2000 allows for allows for speedy and simple installation, as well as any removal that may take place for maintenance. It is extremely helpful when dealing with cables and lines that are situated and may not be easily removed for average defense solutions, an example being automotive applications (engine compartments) as well as multi-cable strings on or beneath a desk or work area. While the Roundit 2000 defends wires from liquids as well as abrasive edges, it provides your application with a thoroughly organized appearance without removed without removing or damaging any connectors or fittings as well.

Product Specifications

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Roundit 2000 is a knitted mix of polyester mono-filaments along with multi-filaments. This blend in a flat weave body provides Roundit 2000 with a durable though sleek texture and look. Our product is ranked to 125°C. Roundit 2000 has a vast array of uses in the aeronautical, marine, electronic, furniture accessory and general manufacturing industries.

Filament Diameter - Wrap 1250 denier polyester multifilament
- - Fill 0.009" polyester monofilament
Melt Temperature ASTM D-2117 250°C (480°F)
Low Temperature Flexibility MIL-DTL-23053E -70°C (-94°F)
Smoke Density ASTM E-662 -
- Specific Optical Density @ 1.5 min. 15
- Specific Optical Density @ 4.0 min. 20
Hard Vacuum ASTM E-595 -
TML - .63%
CVCM - .16%
WVR - .06%
Copper Corrosivity MIL-I-23053 No Effect
Fluid Resistance MIL-I-23053 Tensile Retention
Jet Fuel JP-4 (MIL-T-5624) - 100%
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) - 100%
Lube Oil (MIL-I-7808) - 100%
De-Ice Fluid (MIL-A-8243) - 100%
Reference Oil #2 (ASTM D-471) - 100%
Salt Water (O-S-1926) - 100%

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