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Bentley Harris® Woven Wrap Around Sleeving Installation Tool

Save Valuable Time When Installing Wire Runs Through Sleeving

Woven Wrap Around Installation Tool Features

  • Crafted from particularly rugged plastic in order to withstand daily wear
  • Its design allows one size to fit all, makes sure it is simple to use, and renders it very cost effective
  • Lessens time spent on installation, providing you with savings on time and labor
  • While it may be useful on short runs, it remains ideal for long runs of wire and cable, saving you the time of insertion
  • The compactly crafted body can be transported easily in a pocket

This installation tool by Federal Mogul is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, yet tough enough to take multiple wires and condense them into a single bundle, neatly covered in side-entry braided sleeving. Perfect for saving valuable time on the jobsite, as well as hundreds of dollars in installation time.

With our installation tool brought to you by Federal Mogul, you have a tool which will be small enough to fit into a pocket, while being durable enough to hold various wires and condense them down to a solitary cluster, neatly shielded in side-entry braided sleeving.

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Product Details

Very ideal if you are interested in saving valuable time at the jobsite, plus saving potentially hundreds of dollars in installation time. 

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Plastic 5/16" - 1/2" Gray

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