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Techflex® Fire Flex Wrap Around High Temp Cable Sleeving

Protects & Shields Wires & hoses Continuously to 500ºF

Fire Flex High Temp Wrap Features

  • Material is Silicone Coated Fiberglass
  • Resists Molten Splash Up To 2200°F 
  • Strong Hook And Loop Closure
  • Wrap Around Fire Protection


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Product Details

FIREFLEX WRAP protects and shields important hoses and cables from extreme heat and catastrophic flame outbreaks. It protects continuously to 500°F and will withstand a molten splash at 2200°F. Its unique hook and loop closure system allows for installation without the need to remove and reconnect fittings and terminations.

The reusable closure additionally allows for easy repair, minimizing labor and costly downtime.

Product Specifications

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Fireflex Wrap Sleeving Sizes

Size Part Number Hook-Loop Width Wall Thickness Max Bulk Spool Shop Spool Lbs / 100'
1" FIW1.00RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 9.160
1 1/2" FIW1.50RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 12.980
2" FIW2.00RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 16.800
2 1/2" FIW2.50RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 20.610
3" FIW3.00RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 24.430
3 1/2" FIW3.50RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 28.250
4" FIW4.00RD 5/8" .045" 150' 25' 32.070


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