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Triplett Byte Brothers® Real World Certifier - CPK1000IL2

Cable & Power Tester Kit for Cat 5/6 Cables

Real World Certifier w/ Power Panel Features

With this TRIPLETT Cable and Power Tester Kit for Cat 5/6 Cables, you can ensure your Cat 5/6 network and devices are operating correctly. The Real World Certifier performs speed and mechanical parameter testing, while the Power Panel lets you check the voltage/activity of Ethernet pairs.


  • Designed to thoroughly test cables and devices on your Cat 5/6 network
  • Also tests the voltage and operation of your PoE source
  • Real World Certifier (RWC) performs mechanical and speed parameter testing with graphs for easy-to-read results
  • The certifier can store up to 250 results
  • Real World Certifier can check the advertised and negotiated speeds of ports
  • Use the Power Panel to examine the voltage/activity on the pairs, and select your device type from PoE, switch and NIC
  • Monitors POTS and PoE voltage level
  • LEDs illuminate when a device is present
  • Power Panel can simulate a PoE device for extensive testing

The Triplett/ByteBrothers CPK1000IL2 Cable and Power Test Kit combines the high-performance Real World Certifier (with 250 report storage) with a Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM Tester to thoroughly test cables and devices plus determine exactly what is on your CAT 5/6 network 

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Product Details

The RWC1000K2 Real World Certifier is the ideal tester for UTP Cables and LAN devices and performs all standard cable tests, including cable propagation delay, skew, attenuation, cable verification, opens, shorts, split pairs, and splits distance The RWC1000K2 performs real speed tests on cables, switches, hubs, and PCs; it furthermore carries out basic testing for coax cables. In addition, the RWC1000K2 allows for cable "typing" (CAT 3, 5, 5E, 6) and displays easy-to-read graphs of test results. Test results may be stored for later printing. The included POE1000IL Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM Tester is the perfect tool for detecting active network devices, power for VoIP phones, IP cameras and other devices on RJ45 jacks and cables. Once connected, the POE1000IL Power Panel goes to work scanning each pin on a connector and displaying both the activity and the pair location. Whether it be network devices, phones or Power over Ethernet, all is displayed.

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