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Triplett® 630 - Classic Analog Volt-Ohm Milliammeter

25 Ranges | Includes: Test Leads, Alligator Clips & Batteries

Triplett® 630 - Classic Analog Volt-Ohm Milliammeter Features

  • Ideal for taking quick and accurate measurements on electrical and electronic equipment, including TV sets, electrical controls, wiring circuits, diodes and transistors, and automotive components
  • Offers 25 measurement ranges and functions, including frequency response, resistance, and decibels
  • Fuse-protected ranges
  • Single-range switch minimizes the chance of error
  • The mirrored scale helps reduce parallax error
  • The case is crafted from thermoset plastic for rugged durability, and the glass meter window is resistance to chemicals
  • 2 input jacks
  • Analog meter is built with a tension spring, which acts as a built-in shock absorber

Triplett Model 630 is a compact, rugged, analog multimeter. It has been designed to make fast, accurate measurements on all types of electrical and electronic equipment. The indicating portion of the meter is actuated by a taut band suspension movement having a sensitivity of 50-microampere full scale.

This movement omits conventional pivots, bearings, and hairsprings and provides increased repeatability by removing friction between both pivots and bearings. No moving parts are in contact and the elimination of the hairspring prevents both snagging and tangling. The tension spring acts as a built-in shock absorber.

In addition, temperature variations will not cause sticky operation of the pointer. Includes test leads with alligator clips and batteries (1.5V and 30V).

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Features an analog design for precise measurement this volt-ohm milliammeter as well comes with fuse protection and a chemical-resistant window. It includes 25 measurement ranges and a manual-ranging meter for complete control over measurement ranges.

Product Details

Specifications Range Accuracy
AC Voltage 0.3V, 3V, 12V, 60V, 300V, 600V ±1.5% FS
DC Voltage 3V, 12V, 60V, 300V, 600V ±3% FS
DC Current 0.06mA, 1.2mA, 12mA, 120mA ±1.5% FS
Resistance 1kΩ, 10kΩ, 100kΩ, 1MΩ, 100MΩ ±1.5%
Decibels -20 to +57dBm  
Dimensions 7.5 x 5.88 x 2.25"  
Weight 3.25 lbs.

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