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What Are The Different Types Of Cord Covers?

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The Cable Ties and More online site has been designed to provide customers with simple and fast online purchasing of cable covers and related accessories. Customers are able to make their work or entertainment areas safer while protecting cables and wires at the same time. Cable Ties and More offers a wide range of wall, floor and industrial cord covers, braided sleeving, durable heat shrink tubing, split wire loom and other cable cover protection systems and accessories that come in many styles, sizes, and colors.

Cable Ties and More, the online division of Cable Ties and Wire Management Supplies, provides floor cable protectors that protect cables and wires from pedestrian and vehicular traffic in industrial situations. Industrial cable ramps are needed to protect equipment and to keep employees and customers safe from accidental tripping over cables, hoses and cords. Cable Ties and More offers a series of durable, traffic resistant floor cable cover solutions in light, medium, and high capacity kits at very affordable prices. Customers are able to secure their electrical and data cables to looped carpet with Safcord cord ramps. Its low profile helps to eliminate tripping hazards and is available in colors of black, blue, yellow and gray. ChordSaver cord covers are ideal for use in offices, boardrooms, home theaters, recording studios, broadcasting studios and trade show displays.

Cable Ties and More provides Club Savers and Studio Savers wire covers which are designed with a capacity to hold large amounts of cables found at Trade Show displays, home theaters and recording studios. Cable Ties and More recommends the medium duty, low profile, drop over wire protectors for use in offices, homes, garages or other non-vehicular areas where protection is needed. The light capacity drop over cable covers are ideal where they are small electrical cords, hoses, cables, and phone lines exposed to pedestrian traffic. The distinctive Yellow Jacket and Bumble Bee cable covers are designed for heavy duty applications while cutting costs and weight.

The Yellow Jacket cable covers available at Cable Ties and More will shield cables from high speed trucks and buses while the black and yellow Bumble Bee Wire covers compare favorably to specifications of other heavy duty cable covers and offer the advantage of being fabricated from proprietary cast-molded polyurethane. The innovative Yellow Jacket AMS provided by Cable Ties and More is the first cable cover protector system designed to grow with the user's needs. A user can now build a cable cover system on-site to accommodate an unlimited number of cables. With the addition of ADA compatible ramps, the Yellow Jacket Advanced Modular System can be tailored for restricted floor space.

Cable Ties and More offers wall cable covers which are an affordable, functional, and attractive answer for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial and residential surroundings. Cable Ties and More's wall cable cover kits include a full complement of accessories, such as pre-applied adhesive backing, fittings, and inside and outside corners, so that the wire management systems can be completely customizable.