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Insulated Aluminum Cable Clamps

High Flexibility & Temperature Resistance: 1/4" to 1-1/2" Diameter

Insulated Aluminum Cable Clamp Features


  • Aluminum material becomes stronger when exposed to colder temperatures
  • Aluminum is rust-resistant
  • Secures cables together and mounts to most surfaces
  • Rubber insulated
  • 1/4” mount hole, 1/2” metal width
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Product Details

Heat and flame retardant, aluminum can withstand any amount of heat without melting or producing any toxicity. The rubber coating protects cables from abrasions and minimizes sound by preventing cable rattling. Aluminum is preferred over any steel-type material for sound reduction as well as maximum flexibility. 

Product Specifications

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Cable Clamp Sizes and Dimensions (Inches)
CC-5012-C 0.18 0.39 0.39 0.25 0.787 0.055
CC-5013-C 0.18 0.51 0.47 0.38 1.10 0.059
CC-5014-C 0.18 0.598 0.47 0.5 1.22 0.059
CC-5015-C 0.18 0.716 0.46 0.75 1.37 0.059
CC-5016-C 0.18 0.866 0.47 1 1.69 0.07
CC-5017-C 0.18 1.02 0.47 1.25 1.81 0.07
CC-5018-C 0.18 1.18 0.47 1.5 1.96 0.07

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