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Twist Tie Machines

Selection of High Quality Semi Automatic Twist-Tie Machines

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Features & Benefits of Plas-Ties’ Tying Machines

  • Reliable twist tying with speed and precision

  • Faster than hand-tying (up to 60 ties per minute)

  • Creates an air-tight seal using simple plastic twist tie spools

  • Durable all-metal frames and rugged construction for long working life

  • Portable, accommodates various workstations

  • A variety of accessories are available for customized applications

  • Compatible with a variety of twist tie materials, from elegant to heavy-duty

  • Made in USA

Browse our selection of  high performance twist tie machines to help you reduce manual labor while boosting productivity. Our twist tie machines are capable of securely closing up to 60 bags per minute using inexpensive reusable twist ties. We offer tying machines with bundling diameters from 3/8” to 8” to accommodate a range of bag/package sizes.

With semi-automatic twist tie machines for all industries and applications, Plas-Ties continues to provide advanced solutions for your packaging needs. request a quote or contact us to learn more about our twist tie machine technology.

Tie-Matic HD Series Semi-Automatic Twist Tie Machine

Plas-Ties’ Tie-Matic HD Series twist tie machines provide unmatched speed, securing tying up to 60 ties per minute with 2-1/2 secure twists. With a compact tabletop/benchtop design, a Tie-Matic HD twist tie machine offers outstanding portability 

Tie-Matic HD38 Twist Tie Machine

  • 3/8” maximum bundling/tying capacity

  • Ideal for baked goods closures

  • Tie-Matic HD38-220V for international use

Tie-Matic HD58 Twist Tie Machine

  • 5/8” maximum bundling/tying capacity

  • Perfect for small poly bags and cables

  • Tie-Matic HD58-220V for international use

Tie-Matic HD78 Twist Tie Machine

  • Has a 7/8” maximum capacity guide

  • Designed to accommodate small bundles of wire

  • Tie-Matic HD78-220V for international use

XL Series Twist Tie Machine

Our XL Series of tying machines provide industrial-strength closures with speed, precision, and versatility. These twist tie machines are designed for use with cable, wire, and thicker-gauge twist tie spools. A variety of configurations make it easy to find the right twist tie machine for your unique needs. Accessories are available to accommodate your application and workspace requirements.

XL2 Twist Tie Machine

  • table stand or pedestal models available

  • 2” maximum bundling/tying capacity

  • Expertly bundles cables with ease

XLS-3 with Smart Post

  • 3” maximum bundling/tying capacity

  • Self-adjusting to apply precise number of twist ties

  • Pedestal stand makes it easy to integrate into existing packaging line

XLS-4 Smart Tyer

  • 4” maximum bundling/tying capacity

  • Onboard PLC allows user to control the number of twists, speed, and tie tension

  • Ideal for delicate or fragile products requiring a loose tie

XL8 Air Ring Tyer

  • 100% air-driven (pneumatic)

  • Non-electric operation allows use with produce, flowers, and other damp environments

  • Self-adjusting ring options up to 8”

  • Can bundle objects from 1-8” diameter