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Stormwater Grate Guard - Ultratech®

Stop sediment, oil, silt, debris from enter our waterways

Ultratech® Stormwater Grate Guard Features

  • For use with flat grate catch basins.
  • Allows run-off to flow through while blocking sediment and/or capturing oil.
  • Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.
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Product Details

Catch sediment, oil, silt, debris and other runoff before they enter our waterways

Stormwater products that install under the catch basin's grating are nice from an aesthetic standpoint.  But in some applications, the function is more important than form.  In other words, looks aren't the primary concern, it just needs to work well. 

The Ultra-Grate Guard slides on to the storm drain's grate and uses heavy duty hook and loop fasteners to keep it closed.  Once installed, sediment, dirt, silt and other pollutants are easily removed with a broom, flat shovel or similar tool. 

No need to remove the grating.  Everything has been kept at street level.  This can be especially valuable on construction site and other areas with large amounts of pollutants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why would I use the Ultra-Grate Guard instead of one of your other stormwater management products?

One advantage that the Grate Guard has over some of the other product is that once it is installed, there really is no need to lift the grate again (unless the unit needs to be completely removed for some reason).  Any sediment, dirt, sand, trash or debris will remain at street level and is easily cleaned up / removed.


Why WOULDN'T I use the Ultra- Grate Guard instead of one of your other stormwater management products? 

If aesthetics is a significant requirement for your catch basin area (ex:  shopping centers, commercial districts, entertainment areas), the Ultra-Grate Guard may not be the best solution.  Since the black fabric is very clearly visible when the unit is installed, an "under the grate" product may be a better choice.


What is the installation like for the Ultra-Grate Guard?

Usually, the most challenging part of installing a Grate Guard is handling the grate. Depending on the region and the application for that particular drain, the grate can be quite heavy. Please be sure to use proper handling and safety equipment. The actual installation of the Grate Guard is quite simple.  One end of the unit has a flap that is secured shut with hook and loop fasteners.  Pull that flap open, stand the grate on its edge and slide the Grate Guard over it.  Close the flap, then carefully lower the Ultra-Grate Guard (with the grating inside) back down onto the catch basin.  Built-in lifting straps will help with this step.


What's the difference between the Sediment Only Model and the Oil & Sediment Model?

The two models of Grate Guard are essentially the same.  The only difference is that the Oil & Sediment Model has a built-in pouch that is used to house a piece of X-Tex oil-absorbing material.  The piece of X-Tex is roughly the same dimensions (length and width) as the Grate Guard.


Why do you use X-Tex for this product?

X-Tex removes oil and other hydrocarbons much faster than traditional absorbents.  A polypropylene sorbent material will not allow water to freely pass through it.  Oil will absorb at the surface of a polypropylene absorbent, and the polypropylene will eventually blind over and the center will not absorb any oil