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Protection of your Cable from…Insects? Article

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Although awesome in its own right, wire routing and concealed cable management can cause bug issues in hot months, serving as direct highways leading industrious trails of creepy-crawlers right into your kitchen, dining room or bathroom.


Don't despair however, because the fix can be simple, while leaving your Floor Cord Covers; and Smooth Mold Indoor molding in place, looking sleek and insect-free. Simply locate the areas where the troops of pests seem to be coming from. Often, problem areas can be found in the connection points of telephone, cable and internet lines. Since harsh insecticides can be damaging to people and pets as well as the bugs themselves, try to use natural alternatives which are generally equally effective to their toxic counterparts. In this case, I recommend applying petroleum jelly, as it is mild and decidedly non-toxic for your environment. As a thick and oily barrier, insects like ants will be deterred when the jelly is smeared on all entry points.


To further the benefits, household items like chili powder, peppermint or cinnamon will repel insects as well, while easily sticking to the applied jelly and not creating a mess More info HERE. So if you see a legion of many-legged critters marching out of your attractively installed raceway connection point, don't tear it apart in a fit of insectophobia. Just reach for the medicine cabinet and spice cupboard, and let those resting wires lie.