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IGUS® E-Chain Series 15 Zipper Cable Carrier

Zipper-Like Design For Quick Opening & Closing to Provide Easy Access

IGUS® E-Chain Series 15 Zipper Cable Carrier Features

  • Zipper-like design for quick opening and closing to provide easy cable access and maintenance.
  • Mounting brackets with strain relief for more durability.
  • Various bend radii to accommodate just about any installation.
  • Limited bend radius protects cables for optimal performance.
  • Lids can be separated and joined at each chain link.
  • High stability for a smooth run.
  • Rigid construction for long service life.
  • Separators available for organizing links (call for availability).

The Series 15 IGUS® Zipper is a chain cable carrier with a very advanced design. The "zipper" configuration allows the user to access the links by simply pulling the top part off in an easy unzipping motion. Quickly snap the cover back on, and the carrier is back on track; not only does it save time, but it's also easy to use. This product can help shorten downtime, makes troubleshooting easier, and allows lightning-fast replacements. This is a smart investment for anyone in this industry.

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Product Specifications

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Material Specifications

Material (chain): igumid NB

Material (mounting brackets): igumid G

Permitted Temperature: 22℉/212℉ (-30℃/+100℃)

Gliding Speed Max.: Conditionally suitable

Unsupported V Max.: 32.8ft/s (10m/s)

Flammability Class (chain): VDE 0304 IIC UL94 V2

Flammability Class (mounting brackets): VDE 0304 IIC UL94 HB

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