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Rack A Tiers® - E-Z Roll Rack Wire Dispenser

Light Weight Design and Holds reels up to 18"

Rack A Tiers® E-Z Roll Rack Wire Dispenser Features

  • Rigid Steel Construction 
  • Light Weight Design 
  • Durable 'Caution-Yellow' Finish
  • Compact (fits in any job box) 
  • 150 lbs. Load Tested 
  • Holds Reels up to 18" 

E-Z Roll Rack Wire Dispenser is the ultra-compact /collapsible wheeled wire dispenser. When you are ready to pull wire, wheel the E-Z Roll into position and dispense wire directly from your pipe bender or 1" EMT

The reality for most electricians is that the wire dispensers they are currently carting around either don't have wheels, are too big for their trucks or they only hold small wire spools. Don't let that be your problem. The E-Z Roll solves all those problems and can transport up to 1000' of NMSC or Romex quickly and easily.


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Does Not Included Pictured Conduit Rod

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Model:                                          #RT55455

Color:                                            Yellow

Weight:                                         10 lbs. (4.54 kg)

Spool Dimension Capaicty:          18"

Spool Weight Capacity:                150 lbs.

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