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Child Proof Home Cable Management.

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Computers have come far since the hulking beasts of the 60's, massive machines better left to scientists in sterile rooms than the three-year-old’s of today who are already masters of iEverything. But the domesticating of the PC has impacted more than just computers, as various technology such as home theater systems are now taken for granted. It's a huge change which happened fast, and it is easy to forget that such technology is still machinery, and dangerous when we become commonplace in our handling of it. There has been a sharp spike in home-technology related accidents over the past years (and with 'spike', I mean an increase by 732% in thirteen years) with vulnerable toddlers under the age of five at greatest risk. This isn't caused by newly sinister, fanged gadgets,  just simple missteps in safety measures which cause components to tip, spark or trip an unsuspecting little foot. Here are three ways to make sure your tyke doesn't feed these statistics.


Secure that TV! Tip-overs won't just result in a shattered component. The weight is absolutely lethal if a child is struck in the head by a TV or computer tower, and these awful accidents happen frequently and too easily when curious youngsters bump or lean on unsupported fixtures. There are dozens of inexpensive mounting options available, so there is no reason a television should just be plunked down and left without one. Our own flat screen wall-mounting bracket can be purchased alone or in a kit, and is just one example of the quick solution to this needless danger. at the real painful perils of an unmounted TV)


Hide components! I don't mean totally hidden, but when a flashing appliance is just sitting there, it becomes a tantalizing invitation to explore. I still get grief for stashing pennies in our families VHS machine long decades ago (I was clearly the exact type of toddler I am warning about, good thing I never got my hands on a blu-ray player) but the real issue is that tinkering with plugged-in appliances is dangerous, every time. There are many routes to take. You could use a spare cabinet to house features, or purchase a cabinet enclosure meant for electronics, giving them proper air circulation and prolonging their life. Kendall Howard has many such cabinets of varying cost, but if this is not the route for you, even a homemade shield of plexiglass and shelving is better than readily available systems.


Cover cables! Tripping over cords seems like the most easily avoided accident, since chances are that you have moulding along your baseboards which would perfectly compliment a raceway. Something like our Smooth Mould cord cover is great, because you have access to your cables, which are safely hidden and routed out of harms way, while blending in perfectly with a room. If raceway is not for you though, a good measure is to bundle lines, that way they are contained and more visible as well. Cable ties are ideal, but if you want frequent access, make sure they are releasable or use a hook & loop wrap solution. Be careful though when problem solving this cable cover issue, because if a carpet over-top is your quick-fix, make sure you are not causing the wire to overheat, bringing way more danger into the mix than before.