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Having the correct tools is crucial. Also easier, you save time and avoid damage to cables if you make sure that you have a level, appropriate screwdrivers, a hammer, pencil, tape measure and a (working) flashlight. Your rack may require different tools, but as some stock items, these should see you through the trial of installation. Also have cage nuts, rack screws and washers at the ready.


Do not go into this task blind. Measuring is such a crucial step in this process, to ensure that components will in fact fit inside your bolted units. Everything becomes redundant and painfully foolish if you decide to eyeball-it.


Remember, safety should always come before anything, and particularly with wiring and electricity, make sure that you consult a professional regarding uncertainties. And caution aside, incorrect connections result in costly repairs and maintenance. It is better to do the job well, once, even if it means some assistance from contractors, electricians or carpenters.


Askfor help! Not only are two brains going to troubleshoot better than one, but chances are there is going to be some heavy lifting of racks and mounts. Improper moving could easily result in damage to the expensive racks and cabinets, damage to you (more valuable than any enclosure) or strain on already installed connections.


Chill out, and make sure your components can do the same. Items generate significant heat on their own, so the more you have going on, the more intense. We're not talking about getting a little toasty, as components can easily overheat to the point of shut-down (irrevocable shut down, most unwanted), and any expense of installing ventilation units, vented panels or rack mounted fans far outweighs the need for new equipment.


Make use of  remaining space by installing a rack mount drawer or another shelf. The area can house necessities like screws or a flashlight, to aid the next person to come along and take a peek inside. If your racks are in a home theater, you now have a ready-made area for pesky remotes. Slap on a couple Velcro Coins, and the remote controls will even stay orderly, making the server rack attractive and uncluttered looking.


Gone are the days when cable ties and duct tape were the be-all end-all of cable management. Instead, there are now so many cable organizers available that it can be boggling to navigate solutions, for not all cable wraps are created equal.

Velcro products are great, ultimately because they have a strong bond which is easily re-usable. They are also soft on the hands, and colors let you identify contents. Many of ours are straightforward wraps, with tip feeding through head, allowing you to tighten, but there are other options as well. The Velcro and hook and loop tapes are easily applied and consist of a flame retardant option, with rolls which behave exactly like any other tape, except using hook and loop instead of adhesives. The perforated rip-wrap is similar, except here you are able to tear away pieces in uniform segments, for small lines of 'tape'. Our Rip Tie products use Velcro, but reach beyond the capabilities of usual wraps. Various items use cinches, clips and adhesives along with hook & loop, letting them work as fasteners and anchors along with bundling. They can be secured virtually anywhere, and take Velcro to the next level of usefulness.


Using spiral wrap is ideal when organization is not the only thing on your mind, as it also protects applications from abrasion and chewing animals. Taking the end of this wrap, wires can be easily inserted by sliding them into the gap and down, spiralling the wrap around them. This defense can be easily removed in the same way, and the tighter the spirals, the more coverage your content will see. This type of wrap is great for indoor or outdoor use as different measurements can be very durable, and is used extensively in industrial applications as well as domestic.


The Cable Clamp is a product that I really love, 'cause it is as simple as it gets. Really helpful when it comes to unwieldy items such as garden hoses or masses of holiday lights, it simply clamps around a bundle of items, and that is that. Designed so that the jaw swings open at the touch of the trigger, simply insert contents and close the jaw, with notches allowing you to control tension, before clicking that trigger again to release when desired. Now, as far as accessible storage for workstation cords go, the Cablesafe Manger will fit right into your area, either under or mounted to the outside of your desk. An easily installed rack, the Cablesafe organizes 12-14 cables (with an expansion pack allowing for up to 30) while shelving 3-4 small devices and allowing for 1-2 power strips to hang. Effectively organizing and keeping everything off the ground, it can be used either with or without an installed grommet.


Items meant to store wires smaller than large electrical cables, such as headphones or charger cords, are often small and easily transported in a bag or purse. We carry such items in the Cord Hog, Cable Yoyo and Cable House Cord Organizer Cable House Cord Organizer. The Cord Hog is primarily for storage, where up to 12' of wire is wound around the small cylindrical design to stop it from forming those not-so-cute tangles that my headphones always resort to when tossed in a backpack. The Yoyo and Cable House are similar, with the added ability to store excess lengths of cable while you are using their components. Both are small and will easily rest on in your workspace, managing the clutter of snaking wires without getting in the way of all those other things on your desk.


There is lots to choose from, so become the superstar wrapper in your office.