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When I first got the chance to inspect our systems of cable trays, the Pro 10, Economical and M.E. 2 lines, I thought of the cat ramps I've seen running out a basement window and along the garden of my Aunt's urban house. Since it could meet perils if free to run, this enclosed walkway of mesh let the beasty make its way to the fresh air while still being guided along safe routes. I don't normally liken cats to cables, yet that same principal is at work with our cable trays; the safe ushering of a line of cable (from heavy-duty outdoor extensions to delicate fiber optics) along the bustling overhead or perimeter of factories, schools, industrial settings, etc. Unlike that cat run where no outside access is key, our trays are not fully enclosed, with walls of varying depths to ensure access for maintenance, as wires rest safe within.


There are straight sections for each model, complimented by pieces like T, L, or X pre-fabricated junctions (for the unique bends of your space) plus reducers to narrow a channel and support mounts for safe affixing. Though all straight forward, the M.E.2 line has the least frills. Made from .187 diameter zinc plated steel wire, each unit of the 'cable run' (if you will) connects using splice washer clamps, and mounts along walls, posts, ceilings, etc. Straight sections come in 7' or 10', and the 2”/4” grid means no cable sag, while letting you route a cable in /out of the tray. Similar to that model is our new Economical Cable Tray. It has an electro zinc finish and multiple junction possibilities. Where it departs from the previous line is that the Economical has four widths to choose from, for more options. And who doesn't want that? Next is our Pro 10 series. I must say, with a splash of color my attentions are quickly won, so these trays are my cable-routing-cup-of-tea. With 7 shades of epoxy painted, powder coated steel, there will be plenty of cheery visibility but no corrosion. The series has 2 lines of trays, but be not confused! Each line is merely a different wire diameter. These options are the CM10 (0.120) or the CM20 (0.187). CM10 is perfect for delicate lines with it's grid of 2”/2”, as there is less space for drooping. Now, of the Pro10 series you have the safest options in the CM20, for it is fully UL classified with grounding characteristics. This means however that unlike the M.E.2, Economical and CM10, it can't be cut to size without loosing classifications. Safety certainly comes first. "Pro 10 Series Click Here For Pro 10 Series


Once a system is selected, how the heck does one install a potentially winding path around posts and across ceilings exactly? Thankfully, it is actually a simple task, made all the more quick with the help of our splice washer kits. It is important to work out the schematics of the room you will install in quite carefully, and that the layout of junctions be placed first. So let those cables run