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Cable Clamps

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Sometimes when you need a thing bundled, there doesn’t seem to be that perfect tie on hand that lets you wrap contents without a second thought. Like last summer while helping my parents with their yard work, an attempt to casually re-loop the garden hose onto its perch nearly ended in suffocation. The unwieldy length of water-heavy tubing fought to the bitter end against my attempts of a neat return, as I wrestled meters worth of awkwardly looped rubber from my hands to the wall-hook. Items such as a garden hose or strings of holiday lights are not easy things to bundle, being bulky and cumbersome enough to resist the quick fix of a cable tie. Remnants of sticky tape are often left clinging to such items, all that remains of frustrating attempts to simply be done with the task. I plan to never again be bullied by a hose however, because when dealing with lines that need to be re-accessed and bundled without stress and tears, the Mega Cable Clamp is the solution to gain control and a secure, re-usable bundle.


The design is extremely basic, letting you open and close the jaws with just one hand, as well as adjust the jaws for a custom fit that won’t over-tighten your contents or leave them loose. Each clamp is made from polymer and stainless steel, meaning that regardless if your bundling extension cords in your basement or the hose in your backyard, no degradation will occur due to time or the elements. The locking mechanism on the jaws is durable and strong, so even though easy to release, you can trust it. The fact that you are depending on a sturdy bodied clamp is a bonus as well, providing far more support than a flimsy zip tie, tape, or hook & loop product. These cable clamps have different sizes available from small, medium, large to MEGA so even petite devices or cords from amplifiers and instruments can be used then put away without the constant re-opening and closing of single-use items. The MEGA is good for up to 100’ of contents, so from outdoor light strings and garage air hoses to musicians laboring under their necessity of mobility, these clamps make storing and caring for lines easier, while taking a portion of the time I would normally spend hunting for scissors to open something, or wrestling lengths into submission.