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Horizontal Cable Manager


• Up 80% of installation labor is removed
• Takes up no units of space in your rack or enclosure
• Minimum bend radius maintained with VELCRO® fasteners
• Supports cables at back of rack to prolong life of lines
• Manages 24 to 96 ports

Our Zero-U Spacemaker is a crucial tool to accompany your racks and enclosures housing servers, switches and patch panels. Notorious for falling into disarray, components need straightforward organization keeping them fully accessible when needed, which is only one of the ways our Spacemaker will promote optimal management. Constructed from 16 gauge black powder coated steel, it will provide organization for 24 to 96 ports easily, without requiring any disconnections during installation.


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ZU1188-1 Zero-U-Spacemaker Horizontal Cable Manager Zero-U-Spacemaker Horizontal Cable Manager Qty :


Physical Specifications

: 5.25"H x 19.61"W x 3.75"D
Capacity: Effectively Handles 24 cords or jumpers
Materials: 16 gauge steel. Black powder coat finish
Mounting: 19" rack mountable

Video Presentation
Video Transcript

Hey there, I'm Gill, for Cable Ties and More. Now, if you're a business owner or IT professional working with servers, switches and patch panels, or else just storing cabled technology in any application, you are well aware of the nightmare of trying to keep cables and cords in a workable, decent order. Well at Cable Ties and More, our Zero-U Spacemaker is going to save the situation, allowing you to get back to your actual business at hand rather than constantly trying to smooth the time consuming clusters.

So it seems that even with careful planning, patch panels can fall into disarray so simply, but thankfully this item will really change your relationship with those messy servers. So, standard in size and easy to install, the Spacemaker is going to be a bit unique from other cable managers because it actually is going to take up zero units of room in your cabinet or enclosure, therefore you have 100% of that valuable space left for your actual use. You will find that your saving up to 50% of your cabinet space this way, as add-ons that occupy space are hindering your ability to fully utilize your storage area. So, each rack is going to provide fully accessible management for 24 to 96 ports. And, you can even mount the spacemakers on top of each other if you really want to optimize the amount of space you have.

The product itself is made of 16 gauge, black, powder coated steel, so it is very durable. It is fully compatible with a 19 inch EIA compliant rail width, so it will very easily mount to your cabinet. So to install it, you would very simply slide it under the screw-heads in your rack rails, and tighten them. Now, the spacemaker utilizes these Velcro fasteners, which are going to maintain an ideal minimum bend radius on your wires, while actually making bundling of the cables themselves incredibly easy. Now your not going to have to disconnect any existing terminations or move components to install it, so it is really going to downsize on labor. Not only is the Velcro going to make everything much easier for you, but it really is the best way to bundle cables, and you might just find that it prolongs the life of more delicate lines, like CAT 6 cables. So that's the Zero-U Spacemaker, I really hope you saw how it can grant you the sanity that comes with having sleek and organized servers and patch panels. Please give us a call or check out our website to get a better look at this product and many others. For Cable Ties and More, I'm Gill, take care.

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