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Wire Nut Connectors - Kable Kontrol™

Winged & Non-Winged Wire Nut Connectors

Kable Kontrol™ Electrical Wire Nut Connector Features

  • Rigid plastic outer shell is flame retardant
  • UL Listed and CSA Approved
  • Steel Square-Cut Spring
  • Non-Winged Fixed Spring Features
  • Easy recognition of wire ranges with 5 distinct colors
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Product Details

These electrical wire connectors allow for simple and efficient connections of multiple wires with varying sizes. CableTiesAndMore now carries two varieties of wire connectors, non-winged fixed spring and winged free spring. To use, simply remove the insulation from the wires near the connection end. Next, twist the wires together, though this isn't required if you're using the winged, free spring connectors. Then screw on the connector over the ends of the exposed wires. We provide an array of different sized connectors to meet your wiring needs. Our products are color-coded to aid in identifying the gauge of wire that it will effectively accept.

  • A cone shaped, plated steel spring conforms to the inside contour of the insulating shell, which supports the spring as the conductor is driven up into the cone. Requiring no pre-twisting, the wires are automatically twisted together for a secure connection and maximum contact. Fixed spring wire connectors may be used to make branch circuit or fixture wire connections on numerous combinations of solid and/or stranded wire.
  • A square wire, coiled spring expands freely within the tough plastic shell and can accommodate a wide range of wire combinations. The angled edges of the spring attaches to the conductor as the connector is twisted on for an easily secured joint. The spring applies even pressure over the entire contact area, and provides a low resistance connection and mechanical strength against pull and vibration.

Product Specifications

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WNUT-1-3000 Grey Wire Connector

  • No. 22 to No. 16 AWG Joins
  • Minimum: 2 No. 22 
  • Maximum: 2 No. 16

WNUT-2-3000 Blue Wire Connector

  • No. 22 to No. 14 AWG Joins
  • Minimum: 2 No. 22
  • Maximum: 3 No. 16

WNUT-3-2000 Orange Wire Connector

  • No. 22 to No. 14 AWG Joins
  • Minimum: 1 No. 18 & 1 No. 20
  • Maximum: 4 No. 16 & 1 No.20

WNUT-4-1500 Yellow Wire Connector

  • No. 18 to No. 12 AWG Joins
  • Minimum: 2 No. 18
  • Maximum: 4 No. 14 & 1 No. 18

WNUT-6-1000 Red Wire Connector

  • No. 18 to No. 10 AWG Joins
  • Minimum: 2 No. 14
  • Maximum: 2 No. 10 & 2 No. 12


SKU Color

Wire Combination
Range (Inches)

Wire Combination
Range (mm)

No. 18 to 10 AWG
Min. 2 No. 18
Max. 3 No. 12

1.02mm DIA to 2.59mm DIA

WWNUT-RD Red 600V*
No. 18 to 8 AWG
Min. 2 No. 14
Max. 5 No. 12
1.02mm DIA to 3.26mm DIA
Min. 4.16mm2
Max. 16.55mm2
WWNUT-BL Blue 600V*
No. 14 to 6 AWG
Min. 3 No. 12
Max. 2 No. 6 & 1 No. 12
1.63mm DIA to 4.12mm DIA


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