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"The seven vibrant shades of our colored wire loomCable management, as a task, can be straightforward or complex. If organizing a web of patch cables or simply installing a grommet, once your wires are routed and secure, one tends to relax. But let me tell you, there is nothing more upsetting than finding that despite careful routing, your wires have been damaged. Depending on your situation, cables face danger from intense heat or cold, external impact, or nibbling animals.


The fate of many cords out there would be rather uncertain then, if it weren’t for our completely essential product, Wire Loom (also called convoluted tubing), which can act as a cord organizer and protector all at once. Made from crush resistant polyethylene, our basic colored Wire Loom is a great starting point for cable protection against chewing, chemicals and temperatures between -40°F to +200°F. From there we have flame retardant Wire Loom for even higher temperatures, as well as "Chrome loom" or our “ConvoShield" Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™ deal for inside the engine bays of show cars or a fine looking motorcycle.


But hold on, you don’t need to be in a high temperature industrial setting to make excellent use of Wire Loom. You don’t even need to own a motorcycle (although I wish I did, to tear up the streets in bedazzled ConvoShield™). Sadly, as I learned the hard way, the most domestic setting is still likely in need of cable defense. Case in point, my keyboard cables (two keyboards, yes, one for backup, though it is of little use now). Living in my apartment is a cute fuzz ball of a chinchilla, adorable pets and companions. However, in one fell swoop (he didn’t even seem to he effectively destroyed both components with the most deft of nibbles. And just like that, my cable management strategies went down the drain, as there were no working cables to manage. While chinchilla’s may not be lurking in every household, the threat of chewing from any rodent pets or simply puppies and kittens is very real, and will shut down whatever you are relying on those cables for.


Wire Loom comes in many different sizes, so not only could I have saved my small computer cables and household components, but any large scale cords and hoses are guarded just as easily. A slit running along the length makes wire insertion easy (we also carry the Wire Loom tool, recommended for long lengths in particular) and any future insertion or extraction of lines is simple as well. Ultimately, despite being lightweight and flexible, wire loom is extremely hardy.


So don’t trick yourself into thinking that cable care stops at routing. Make sure you safeguard valuable lines with Wire Loom, the highly inexpensive solution that isn't even an eye-sore.