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Roll-A-Ramp® Portable Wheel Chair Ramps

Expandable & Highly Portable - Ramps Roll Up To Save Space

Roll-A-Ramp® Portable Wheel Chair Ramps Features

  • Rolls up like a sleeping bag
  • Expandable: Add or remove links to get the length you need
  • Extreme Portability: Lightweight & Easily break down for transport
  • Extreme Versatility: Multiple Uses
  • The ramps can change size in mere moments and be moved quickly 
  • Extreme Durability: Made With Aircraft Aluminum
  • Supports up to 1,000lbs,
  • Full 10 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
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Support Stands Required For All Ramp Systems Over 12’ in Length

ROLL-A-Ramp Items are Custom made to order, Therefore: These Items are Non-Cancellable & NON-RETURNABLE

Product Details

Portable ramps roll up and stow away easily. Available in any length and expandable.  Portable Ramps are the affordable option to expensive or unnecessary permanent ramps.  Our Van Ramps are the economical option and make more sense than expensive van conversions.  Roll-A-Ramp® can be used for Wheelchairs and Scooters, freight, public entries, or anywhere accessibility is needed. The Boat Ramp is used to load passengers from shore or dock.  RV Ramps keep you on the go and Home Ramps create accessibility where you need it and may be moved from one location to another.  Don't want to leave it set up?  No problem!   Removable Aluminum Handrails are also available for added safety and security. 

Product Specifications

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Product Manuals

Ramp Assembly Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Roll-A-Ramp®. You have ordered a length that requires minimal assembly. Please follow these step-by-step instructions to assemble your ramp into its final length.

Step 1: Remove both sections of the ramp from their individual boxes taking special note of “TOP” section and “BOTTOM” section as noted on the boxes.

Step 2: Identify the Owners Manual and tools to assemble your ramp. Also, identify any accessories that you ordered with your ramp. The accessories will be included in a separate cardboard box inside one of the sections of ramp or in the zip-lock bag with your Owners Manual.

Step 3: Remove zip-ties from the ramp sections and then place the ramp on edge and roll out. Place on a flat surface with the top surface of the ramp down.

Step 4: Place two sections close together. One section of the ramp will have a bolt, caution cover and nut attached through the bolt holes. Remove this hardware and move the two sections together so that the tabs are overlapping on both sides and the sides of the ramp are even.

Step 5: Insert bolt with yellow caution cover through both holes. This may take some maneuvering to line up the holes. Put on nut. *If Positive Lock Pins were ordered as an accessory with your ramp, insert them at this step instead of bolts.

Step 6: Locate box wrench and allen wrench from your Owners Manual packet. Use these tools to tighten the connection on the ramp. Do not over-tighten. Position the caution cover over the pinch point on the side of the ramp. This concludes the assembly of your Roll-A-Ramp®. Always read your Owners Manual prior to use.


Support Stand Installation Instructions

Step 1: Set up ramp to desired location.

Step 2: Place support stands under ramp at midway point (or every 6 - 8 ft) and adjust height so that support stands are same height as ramp.

Step 3: Place ramp bracket onto the railing on the bottom of the ramp spanning between 2 links.

Step 4: Tighten bolts for secure placement and adjust height with adjustment pins & fine adjustment threads. Then use your new ramp system is ready to use.

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