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Pack Kontrol® Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Ship or Store Clothing Without Removing From Their Hangers.

Pack Kontrol® Wardrobe Moving Boxes Features

Wardrobe moving boxes make it possible to ship or store clothing without removing from their hangers.

  • Stock items 202045WARD, 242034WARD, 242046WARD, and 242260WARD - Clothing hangs on a metal bar available separately. Boxes are printed with up arrows and write on delivering to destination panel.
  • Stock items 362110 and 362120 hold clothes in box while still on their hangers.
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Product Details

Pack Kontrol® Wardrobe Moving Boxes are the perfect product to ship and store clothing. These boxes can take clothes that are still on their hangers which alleviates some of the arduous process of moving. The vertical hanging versions have arrows text and arrows which indicate the proper orientation of the box and the importance thereof. The hanging bar is purchased separately. There is also a version where the clothes can be laid flat with hangers still on. Boxes ship flat to save space and minimize shipping costs while assembling in seconds. The boxes are manufactured either from industry standard 200#/ECT-32 or heavy duty two-layer 275#/ECT-48 kraft corrugated cardboard.

Product Specifications

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All dimensions listed refer to the inside dimensions of the box.

Vertical hanging wardrobe moving boxes are constructed from 275#/ECT-48 kraft corrugated cardboard. The flat laid wardrobe moving box is constructed from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated cardboard.

200# and 275# are classifications derived from the Mullen Test of a box’s bursting strength. A 275# rating means 275 pounds of force per square inch are required to break through the side of the box. ECT-48 is a classification derived from an Edge Crush Test of a box’s stacking strength. They may be stronger than the minimum rating subject to individual and random variation. The recommended loading limit per carton varies by the selected rating as shown below.

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Wardrobe Boxes


Inside Dimensions
L x W x H
Suggested Use Bundle/


20 x 20 x 45"

Clothes hang on 20" bar 5/75


24 x 20 x 34"

Clothes hang on 24" bar 5/80


24 x 20 x 46"

Clothes hang on 24" bar 5/75


24 x 22 x 60"

Clothes hang on 24" bar 5/80


36 x 21 x 10"

Lay flat (on hangers) 10/150


36 x 21 x 20"

Lay flat (on hangers) 5/120


Wardrobe Bars




20" Wardrobe Hanger Bar


24" Wardrobe Hanger Bar

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