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Industrial Cord Covers

Vestil Extruded Rubber Cable Protectors

Vestil Extruded Rubber Cable
Vestil Extruded Rubber Cable
Vestil Extruded Rubber Cable
Vestil Extruded Rubber Cable


• durable while being only 2 ¼" high.
• Long lengths.
• resilient against compression and abrasion.

This product works well for temporary wire/cable protection from vehicles. Bottom openings are ½", fitting most standard cables. With three channels overall for the wire and cords to be placed, the bottom two would simply drop over, while the third has a larger opening for the cord to be inserted.

With three different models to choose from, you can select lengths of either 12 or 24 feet. Despite their lengths, they are relatively lightweight and manageable, making set up and installation a quick task, as well as removal. The tread of the rubber will ensure that foot traffic can easily find traction, as well as automobiles. The extruded rubber is sturdy and will handle not only the weight of the light traffic, but also the elements.

Our Vestil Extruded Rubber Cable Protectors are the ideal temporary defense for your cord and cables. The material of extruded rubber itself is intensely durable and able to withstand tears, abrasion and the elements, and the fact that is also has good rebound truly makes it the perfect product for accommodating light traffic. We offer three different models, the VC-75-12 and the VC-150-12, both with lengths of twelve feet, and the VC-75-124, which is the longest design at twenty-four feet. Both VC-75 models have a width of four inches and heights of 1 3/4 inches, making them quite discreet and unobtrusive. The VC-150 has more width, with 6 ½ inches, and a height of 2 ½ , so depending on your situation and the amount of attention you wish to draw to your cord covers, you can make the selection for a larger or smaller model. The three channels are simple to equip with your cables, and they will be fully guarded from outside impact. The VC-75 models can withstand a max of 6,600 lbs, while the VC-150 will take 4,400lbs.

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Model Width Length Height Top Opening Capacity(lbs) Net wt.(lbs)
VC75-12 4" 12' 1-1/4" 5/8" 6,600 20
VC75-124 4" 24' 1-1/4" 5/8" 6,600 40
VC150-12 6-1/2" 12' 2-1/4" 1/2" 4,400 50
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