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Velcro® Fasteners VS Hook & Loop Wraps

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I confess that even deep in my immersion of learning cable management solutions, I didn't know the difference between Velcro, Hook & loop material. I called everything Velcro on children shoes? You know it. Fabric latches on pouches, fasteners on elbow pads, and those tricky gloves that stick to fabric covered balls? Velcro® the whole lot of them (so I foolishly supposed). This is not at all the case in fact, though I doubt I have been alone in my ignorance. Eager to share wisdom, I present two nearly identical items except that while one is Velcro® the other is made from that elusive creature, Hook & Loop” Hook &; Loop Wrap is nylon hook with a ploy hook base.


We create our own fabric ties, the CableTiesAndMore Hook & Loop Wraps. Complementing them are the very similar (in looks and function) Velcro® One-Wraps. Our Hook & Loop Wraps are strong strips, crafted from a nylon loop top and a poly hook base. While bonded durably, they are two distinct pieces of material, working together to create a fastener. Now enter the Velcro® One-Wrap, and with inspection the differences can be found. Here, the hooks & loops are not individual strips but rather a laminated top and base, for one singular piece of wrap. Though each may boast the same enduring tensile strength, the laminated Velcro® also features a more compressed form of hook & loop technology, with distinctive teeth less obvious than most latching hooked material. We carry various products made of both Velcro® and Hook & Loop, and a specific feature of Velcro® is that it tends to be slightly slimmer than other fabric wraps, again because of that lamination. Both types of products are reusable without degradation, making them better for many tasks than a single-use cable tie, and their colors and the fact that they are soft on hands makes then ideal for daily bundling jobs, not only as cable wrap. Our ties are also made of imported fabrics, and while not consistently as slim as Velcro, Hook & Loop they are slightly less expensive.


So now you know! Same effect, though slightly different tools. I love both wraps, and hook & loop materials in general. I am a tree-hugger, and happily hook & loop reduces large amounts of waste thanks to its infinite re-usability. As well, the fabric means that weather will not cause corrosion or rust as with other ties, making these fabric wraps great for outdoor applications on top of everything else. So regardless of where you land in this landscape of Velcro® look-alikes, either it or Hook & Loop products strongly fasten items, while letting you control the tension uniquely for delicate lines and hearty items combined.