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XL8 Air Ring Tyer Twist Tie Machine

Pneumatic Machine That Twist Ties Products 1" to 8" In Diameter

XL8 Air Ring Tyer Twist Tie Machine Features

  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Built to minimize resource consumption & maintenance needs
  • LEAN MANUFACTURING - Self-adjusting with large capacity spool, requiring minimal operator handling
  • VERSATILE - Handles a variety of tying sizes at a single station
  • EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY - Easy to activate & helps reduce repetitive motion injuries
  • DEPENDABLE - All-Metal Frame
  • STABLE – Heavy-duty Stability Stand included with every machine
  • VERSATILE – Automatically adjusts to tie products from 1” to 4”
  • Comes with an 4" or 6" or 8" ring (depending on model)

The INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH XL8 features a specially designed ring closure system designed for tying products from as small as 1” to as large as 8” in diameter. The XL8 is 100% air-powered and automatically adjusts to provide a secure tie. The large capacity spool aids in minimizing operator handling and optimizing up-time.


The Plas-Ties XL8 Air Ring Tyer is an all-pneumatic machine that twist ties products inserted into the ring-shaped tying area. The machine can be adjusted to tie almost any product gathered into a round or nearly round shape from 1-inch diameter up to a maximum of 4, 6 or 8-inch diameter (dependent upon final ring size selection).

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Product Details


Enhanced safety features are built-in to each XL8 for maximum control and overall management of the machine. The ON/OFF Switch Safety Cover prevents accidental actuation of the unit. Secondly, the Safety Air Regulator on the Ring Cylinder restrains and retracts force applied from the ring. For complete maintenance control, the Shutoff Slide Valve halts the primary air path to the entire unit. Plas-Ties’ recognizes that safety and maximum efficiency, are key to any business. Therefore, Factory Training for your staff can be arranged and custom-built to your needs and budget. Specialized Technical Support is provided using online manuals, videos and phone support. If replacement parts are necessary, our extensive inventory can provide for next-day domestic delivery.


To ensure maximum workstation continuity, the heavy-duty rolling stand is included and allows for easy placement of the XL8. To alleviate strain on workers from hefty products that need to be raised to the activation target, a Table can be mounted to the front of the XL8. If alternate activation is required, the Foot Pedal controls air supply to the Ring and is a comparable equivalent to the Standard Activation Target. If your workstation demands an alternate guide, the Horizontal XL8 is the perfect solution.


Because the XL8 is air-driven, it is an excellent choice for twist tying: hoses, cords, cables, produce and flowers in an environment without electricity readily available. Several industries related to communications, hardware and agriculture will benefit from the speed and versatility of the XL8 Air Ring Tyer.

Product Specifications

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  • Maximum Capacity: Self-adjusting from 1" to 6"
  • Air Power: 90 to 120 PSI (Clean, dry air)
  • Weight (with Stand): 200 lbs.
  • Cabinet Depth: 19"
  • Cabinet Width: 10.25"
  • Cabinet Height: 24"
  • Width/Depth/Height (on Stand): 25.5" / 29" / 51.25" (max)
  • Clearance depth without Table: Approximately 34"
  • Clearance depth with Table: Approximately 40"
  • Clearance width to open Door: Approximately 36"
  • Ring Options: Maximum 4", 6", & 8" Diameter Rings
  • Spool: Exclusive Plas-Ties 4000' ALL PLASTIC 1/4" width, 24-gauge, double wire, centered (#419B)

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