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The Brain Grommet

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We have entered the age & reign of the power/data access center, and I have to say, it is about time. Regardless if you are a CEO or a student, we all have USB sticks kicking around holding digital goods such as files, white papers, music and photos. Our computers need power, our internet connections need ports, and inevitably, ones iPhone needs to be charged immediately. I have found myself and my laptop stranded in electronically inhospitable areas (see my Powertap Grommet article) but it must be said that overall, more public spaces are including grommets and power access centers in work areas. So it is getting better, but somehow these installations seem forever to be several steps and ports behind my needs, which I must say are several steps behind those of many. That is why our new item The Brain Desktop Data and Power Hub stands out fantastically as a small but mighty power distribution center, with a range of jacks that will keep you plugged in through both work and personal use. The Brain will be the warm buzzing center of your digital activities, letting your own jam-packed mind take a break from scanning messes of wires and forcing too many cords to share with too few jacks.


Unless your tapping away on the first PC you ever bought, you shouldn’t have compatibility issues, as The Brain grommet supports Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Mac OS, X. It hooks you up with immediate access to AC power with two outlets, as well as a satisfying five USB 2.0 ports. There is also an Ethernet port and phone jack, in case you weren’t as sold at ‘five USB ports’ as I was. Built-in surge protection means The Brain will defend your valuables, and thanks to a simple lit on/off switch, you can help save power and our luscious Lady Earth by flicking off when done. There is 6’ of power cord to work with, and The Brain installs into a desk or surface requiring only a hole-cut size of 2-3/8". There are grooves running down the exterior, meaning that when placed in the hole, the outer grommet itself will not be free to spin or move, stopping those cables from winding or being damaged. So don’t deprive yourself or your employees/guests of something that takes care of your digital needs so completely and inexpensively. Never again should there be fiddling or disconnecting of printers, MP3 Players, digital cameras, laptops and USB sticks. As a home-base for all your devices, this Brain won’t forget a single task.