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Whether you have a home server, small business server or a bustling enterprise, hitting the perfect note with server racks is sometimes difficult. If your appliances, switches and patch panels are delicate or placed in certain settings, a locking enclosure may be what you settle on. However, the next time you need access to the back of your equipment or must deal with issues of overheating, that hefty enclosure is suddenly going to seem a little too exclusive in access. But with the Swing-Out Wall-Mount Cabinet from Kendall Howard Linier Line, you are able to enjoy the easy admittance to each end of your components without relying on a Wall Mount Racks bare-bones.


This mount cabinet comes in Rack unit sizes 6U, 8U, 12U, 15U, 18U, or 22U, so big enough for a massive hub or only a small server, without wasting space. Since it is a cabinet, you can select it with security in mind. Unlike racks and wall shelves the Swing-Out Wall-Mount Cabinet has a sleek glass door which locks, as well as lockable and removable side panels to make initial installs as easy on you as possible. This is furthered by top and bottom cable slots (removable) so even with all those wires, and we know there may be a lot, you shouldn’t have too much frustration getting the cabled-fiends inside. With two sets of adjustable cage nut style mounting rails and a depth of 27”, varied components are ensured a comfy seat thanks to the 19” EIA compliant rail widths. But of course, as far as wall cabinets go, the notable point here on this Swing-Out Wall-Mount Cabinet model is the swing! 90 degrees of swing to be exact, for with the secure click of a key, the entire cabinet will glide smoothly away from its back panel to provide total access for all maintenance to be finished quickly and hassle-free. The body is strong and durable, and despite seeming to spread Swing Out Wall Mount itself thin, this cabinet will hold a solid 150 lbs within. The swing-out feature has cooling benefits as well, instantly giving your servers and panels the circulation of an Open Frame Racks Should more heat reduction be required, no doubt on some of the larger units, we also carry Swing out wall Mount cabinet fan assembly kits to further sooth fretful machines.