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Spiral Wrap UV

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As we sink deeper into summer, I think something we can all agree on is the heat, It is intense. Usually in the really hot months, my ideal afternoon involves sunbathing with a magazine and glass of ice tea, but not this year. No, that sun has wronged me right down to my SPF 50 slathered toes, and all I want to do outside is hightail it back into glorious climate control. Unfortunately for all the people working in landscaping, outdoor events, and especially on construction sites, they have to spend their entire working day getting blasted by record breaking temperature highs without relief (but hopefully with gallons of drinking water). As well, all tools of outdoor work are under the constant glare of the sun, from shovels, hoses and wires, to parked machinery that will be frying long after people leave for home. While hot tools are far from preferable, it is the machinery and delicate lines of cable and tubing that are at risk, as soaring temperatures affect external sleeves covering cables, compromising their protection, while tubes degrade. A hose with even mild abrasion damage, when incorrectly exposed to high temperatures, will degrade far before its time, causing leaks and overheating of equipment and resulting in time wasting setbacks.


But rather than draping construction sites in beach umbrellas, a simple solution to fully insulate and protect applications without restricting cable breakaways or adding bulk to machines is black Spiral Wrap or black Pro-Tec-To Wrap. Made from polyethylene, a durable plastic with excellent chemical resistance, both these solutions are easy to slip onto applications by sliding the gap which runs down every length of the wrap over the line in question, and spiralling it onwards and up. The gap allows for flexibility of applications to remain intact, however the longer length of wrap you add, the further the gap is minimized or even eliminated, promoting more coverage of your lines. The spiral shape of the product and the gap along it will not be compromised by the heat, remaining fully re-usable without degradation or loss of shape. The black color has a natural UV resistance, and that coupled with polyethylene's high melting point (roughly 266 °F, now that would be a very hot day) provides applications on any outdoor sight with superb insulation from those hot rays, as well as a safeguarding crush resistance. Both solutions can be selected  at varying diameters, with Pro-Tec-To Wrap being best suited for machinery. So while Spiral Wrap can be used extensively inside your home or office wrangling and organizing your cables, don't let your outdoor applications languish in the heat. Insulate those valuable lines while you try to keep cool!