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Server Cabinets

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Full Size Server Enclosures / Cabinets

produced by Kendall Howard and Quest Products. If you are looking for a portable enclosure system then the Kendall Howard SOHO Line is for you. If instead you want something larger and more permanent than the

LINIER cabinet / enclosure

brand is for you. Don't forget that you can decide whether you want your cabinet to have solid, vented, or glass doors and side panels. Nevertheless, we have every accessory you would ever require for setting up and installing your cabinet / enclosure. whether you need shelves, casters, cooling fans, cage screws, drawers, rail kits, blanks and more we have them. Kendall Howard compact sleek and robust

SOHO server racks

are ideal for the small business, home office or IT professional who want better than just "good enough". They come with locking yet lift off front and back doors, casters, adjustable rails (with universal mounting holes), mesh front and rear doors and plenty of venting, the new low profile Compact Series Server Rack is perfect for those small, tight environments. Don't have the space for a server room full of tall racks? Maybe you only have just one or two servers and don't want to waste valuable office space. The Compact Series Server Rack is perfect for these and other limited space situations. This brawny rack fits under your desk, or acts as a Desktop rack for your servers and essential rack mountable items.
Hardy and rugged, this rack will look great in your location and protect your server investment. The LINIER Series Full Size Rack is an cabinet. This Cabinet is designed to provide maximum ventilation, having two fully vented doors. The front door has a sleek convex shape to make it look sharp while the rear door offers complete ventilation. Each rack comes with 2 sets vertical rails adjustable in 1 inch increments, lockable/removable side panels, casters and levelers. The top of the cabinet has the ability in install up to four 4 inch fans and include removable cable slots to easily install all of your network communication lines. Our cabinets are available in 22U, 27U, 37U, 42U. Features-2 Sets of adjustable mounting rails (adjusting in 1 "" increments)-Removable/lockable side panels -Cage nut style mounting rails-Top and Bottom removable cable slots -Glass front door with built in lock-90 Degree swing out from the wall-Glass front door/Vented Rear door-Maximum Weight CapacitySpecifications-Depth - 37.75 Inches (Maximum Mounting Depth 36 Inches)-Width - 23.5 inches-Rail Width - 19 inch 14 gauge steel frame, 16 gauge sides, 14 and 16 gauge doors, 18 gauge top.

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