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Safcord Cover Article

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When I was a starry-eyed kid shuffling around small town theaters for ill-fated dance performances, standing out in my memory aside from nerves is the proper mess cables always seemed to be in, and not just backstage. One specific night, fellow dancers and I were practicing in a refreshment room complete with thick doors and carpet to muffle our noises from audience members. There was a host of cords snaking across the room; everything from the coffee percolator to an outer speaker system, so to save patrons and dancers alike a DIY cord cover network coated the carpet. Duct tape was layered everywhere, gummy strips appearing like grey veins, which was shoddy concealment for cables beneath our tapping toes. Pressure would scuff the tape upward, loosing the cable and revealing the glue adhesive right in time to stick to a descending foot, and causing a fair share of trips and spills. While the theater clearly had a poor handle on Cable Management Products (oh, the things I could tell them now) the issue of concealing cords on looped carpet surfaces remains something of a difficulty, as most covers are designed for smooth areas. The solution is easy however, and it sure isn’t duct tape. With the Safcord Cord Cover a flexible and uniquely mobile cord cover, you are at last able to and conceal your wires along looped carpeting without a second thought. Either 6’ or 10’ in length, the pieces are 3” or 4” wide and simply lay flat overtop of your cables. Made of industrial grade Cordura Nylon, two strips of ‘hook’ fabric straddle the wires, attaching with pressure to the hook of a carpet, and giving a secure bond with the lowest possible profile to the ground. This allows anyone to step on or over it without disturbance, and even with scuffing or objects moving over top, the Hook & Loop material bond will hold fast until choose to lift it. With no more need for damaging adhesives, this flawless carpet cord cover will be transported with ease (just roll that sucker up, better than lugging around a 6’ length) as well as efficiently cut to size or washed. Now not only in theaters, but for conferences, presentations, sound stages, weddings and other events, there is not only no need for the visual mess and unprofessionalism caused by exposed cords, but for the danger as well. You could be a photographer, presenter, in a retail store or restaurant, hotel or just at home, and the Safcord will let you route along carpet tip and even up stairs.

Might as well save yourself a trip! The Safecord comes in 5 color options