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Retractable Port Power Grommets Article

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In the fast pace world of custom kitchen designs, you are routinely updating your portfolio so your ideas stay fresh, unique, and a step ahead of the common trend. Changes are made constantly and 2019 should prove to be no different. But what should these changes be? What innovative idea could revolutionize your 2019 kitchen designs? believes we have the solution: our new ground-breaking retractable port power grommets. Imagine a beautiful backsplash wall without the eye sore disruption of wall outlets. Imagine a kitchen that has power outlets when you need them and disappear when you don’t. Imagine a new, better, and more unique way to power your custom designed kitchen.


With our new retractable port power grommets, you no longer have to worry about where the most convenient while still aesthetically uncompromising spot is for those unattractive wall outlets. These amazing new retractable power grommets allow your kitchen to have power outlets that retract in and out of the countertop. Now you can have perfectly intact backsplash walls that are uninterrupted by wall outlets, giving your kitchen a new aesthetic edge.


As these grommets are retractable, your client is able to use the outlets when they are required and hide them when they are no longer needed. Thus, your client can enjoy the convenience of multiple power outlets without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of your custom kitchen design.


Our retractable ports come in many different finishes and could match whatever trim, cabinet, or other finishing your design includes. Retractable ports are no longer exclusively an office device. With the new beautiful handle and frame color options, our new grommets will be the ideal complement to your custom kitchen design. Some of the retractable ports even come with an LED light option, making it easier for your clients to see the power outlets. Not only will these retractable ports provide convenient power for your kitchen and allow for that perfect backsplash wall, these new stylish frame options will be the ideal compliment to your stylish kitchen design.


These port grommets would be the ideal fit for a European style kitchen, but as they can be  installed into any kitchen cabinet or countertop surface, they can be fit to match whatever custom kitchen design you may have. Plus, our retractable power grommets will give your kitchen design that unique, custom touch that will delight your clients and make their kitchen the envy of all their friends.’s new port power grommets are the best way to give your kitchen that leading edge for your 2013 custom designs. For a unique and luxurious expense that your clients will thank you for, visit our website at for product specifications or call 1-877-284-7760 to speak to one of our experts today.