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Recycle Rubber Sign Bases

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Signs are not something I had spent much time thinking about, until I was introduced to our new line of bases for them, created from recycled rubber. Something I have spent long hours pondering however, is the rather questionable state of our planet. We're in big trouble people! This earth isn't too healthy! Rubber is a massive pollutant, and landfills are very simply overrun with them. Long before they decompose, most will cause significant damage to the air by either trapping toxic gas or creating smoke, and as long as we are driving cars, this won't stop.


But, our attitudes and actions are changing for the better, and now, thankfully, increasing numbers of manufacturers insist on using recycled rubber. I got seriously excited when I learned that the materials for each sign base that we carry are the result of five tires diverted from landfills. Enough to furnish the whole family car, plus the spare! Now that got me interested in signs. And of course when you get right down to it, signs are vital in this world as well, particularly in busy settings like construction areas or dense traffic. Improperly mounted signs could easily result in the sign falling or poor visibility, which is when things get serious. The worst case scenario of a fatality occurring is sadly far too common, so with these rubber sign bases, I think we can all agree that we're killing two birds with one stone. Or saving the birds, since recycling and safety are so positive. I digress.


The rubber sign base is very simple, and can be selected with either a square or circle hole for the post. We actually have several options regarding accessories, including plastic or metal posts, a base weight, yellow cover for visibility, and a base mover. The design of the base is strategic, making sure there is a low center of gravity to further reduce the chance of tipping, even in extreme weather conditions. The LEED certified rubber construction is dense, ensuring that despite rain or snow, there will be no corrosion or cracking, and they come with a lifetime warranty to back up that claim. When you minimize liability while enhancing safety, everybody wins!