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Rack & Enclosure Installation Tips

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We recently added some Neat Patch Smart Pack Cables (2' long CAT6 cables in packs of 24) to our collection of network products and accessories, so my mind is on rack systems of late. Not everyone installing and maintaining these suckers is an IT professional, and even if you are, it is easy to forget a step that could save you headaches later. Here are tips to keep in mind, whether your system is bustling and large-scale, in a home office, or your basement theater.


Though obvious, make sure you plan the task before you're elbow deep in patch cables, by taking stock of your equipment and tools. The mistake of not including future additions in planning is easily made,  causing space issues and requiring re-wiring and connecting, which surely no one wants.


Ideally, you will have an idea of what the whole she-bang is going to look like once done. Diagrams are invaluable, giving you a visual of your ideal final product, and some of the problems you will be encountering. This allows for preparation or changing plans, as well as an idea of how other equipment in your setting configures.